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Crypto Analyst Predicts 142% Rise for ADA — Is He Right?

Nikola Lazic
Last Updated November 18, 2023 5:12 PM
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Key Takeaways

  • Cardano’s fundamentals look strong with rising TVL
  • A resistance has been encountered, but there is a strong chance of further upside movement.
  • $1 is the logical target, but more confirmations are needed.

In a bold forecast that has grabbed the attention of the cryptocurrency community, renowned analyst Crypto Jebb  predicts a staggering 142% rise in the value of Cardano’s ADA token within the next six months. 

Jebb’s analysis, grounded in Cardano’s technological strengths and growing market presence, raises a crucial question: Is this forecast a glimpse into a bullish future for ADA, or an overly optimistic view in a volatile market? 

Jebb’s Analysis 

In his recent YouTube video , Crypto Jebb projected a notable rise in Cardano’s ADA token, predicting it could reach $0.90 in six months, marking a 142% increase from its current $0.37 value. This optimism stems from ADA’s consistent top-10 market cap ranking and its potential undervaluation despite being far from its $3.09 peak in 2021.

Cardano TVL
Cardano TVL

Jebb cites Cardano’s strong blockchain foundation and increasing Total Value Locked (TVL), which grew from $50 million to $262 million yesterday, as key indicators. Projects like Indigo and Minswap, which were built on top of Cardano, contributed to this growth. 

Comparing ADA’s rally potential to other top cryptocurrencies, Jebb integrates broader market factors, such as Federal Reserve policies. He also discusses investment strategies, favoring dollar-cost averaging but acknowledging the potential for lump sum investments given ADA’s current value. Jebb anticipates a six to nine-month timeline for this price increase, contingent on Bitcoin’s performance and market trends.

Lux Algo
Jebb’s target

His price target comes as the next logical horizontal level, supporting the bull market of 2021 and 2022. 

Utilizing an indicator called Lux Algo, he calls for a bottom at $0.244 as the indicator provided a buy signal. The price currently interacts with the descending resistance, so if a breakout is made, the next likely target is at $0.92, which matches the target of the Lux Algo as well. 

ADA Price Analysis 

In our analysis for Cardano titled “Cardano To Hit $1 As Staking Parameters Change,” published on October 25, we have also projected a price target of $1. This is due to several factors, and the first and the most important one is it finishing its bear cycle. 

In a five-wave impulse
$1 likely target

From the all-time high, the price formed a WXYXZ pattern that likely ended on October 19. This means that a new larger uptrend started, but we are yet to see a clear confirmation. 

After a 68% recovery since October 19, with the price reaching $0.42, ADA faces strong horizontal resistance. If the bear market ends and a new five-wave impulse begins, now we are going to see its wave 2 developing. 

A retracement would be expected at $0.32, following another upturn with even stronger momentum that will finally lead the price for a breakout above $0.42. If that happens, it would be a significant bullish indicator. 

Crossing this threshold could signal the start of a bull cycle and set ADA on a trajectory toward the $1 milestone for the completion of the first bull market advancement. 


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