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Cardano To Hit $1 As Staking Parameters Change

Published October 25, 2023 2:15 PM
Nikola Lazic
Published October 25, 2023 2:15 PM

Key Takeaways

  • ADA increased by 20% since its October 19 low.
  • But it’s still in a descending structure.
  • New fundamental factors might canalize its future price rise.

The recent announcement from the Cardano Foundation highlights the influence of community-driven decision-making within the blockchain realm. By actively engaging the Cardano community and valuing the input of Stake Pool Operators, the Foundation underscores the core principle of decentralization: decisions made by the many, not the few.

With the adjustments to the staking parameters aimed at promoting inclusivity, ADA’s commitment to a democratic and decentralized ecosystem becomes even more evident. As Cardano continues to advance and ADA sets its course in an upward direction, the global crypto community eagerly anticipates further groundbreaking updates from this dynamic blockchain project.

With these promising developments in view, could ADA’s price embark on a sustained ascent toward the $1 mark?

ADA Price Analysis

ADA‘s journey since its peak in September 2021 has been a true roller-coaster ride. Surging to $3, it quickly nosedived, experiencing a dramatic plunge, losing a significant 93% of its value and hitting a low of $0.24 by January 2nd of the following year.

Price context
Price context

During this decline, ADA’s price movements closely followed a descending channel’s boundaries.

However, with the start of the new year, ADA began displaying signs of resurgence. Its price trajectory started diverging from the previously established pattern, hinting at a possible breakout from the descending channel.

This shift is more than a simple price fluctuation; it could indicate a fundamental shift in ADA’s market dynamics. A departure from a long-standing trend often signals a significant change in market sentiment, possibly marking the beginning of a new trend.

Nevertheless, this newfound optimism comes with a sense of caution. Despite the initial breakout, ADA’s price appears to have retraced its steps, hovering around the levels from which its ascent commenced. This oscillation raises questions about the breakout’s durability and whether ADA’s bearish cycle has truly concluded.

One potential interpretation is that ADA’s bearish phase might be approaching its end, possibly forming the final corrective wave Z as part of a larger WXYXZ correction. If this theory holds true, we could witness a price rebound. However, for ADA to genuinely indicate a bullish turnaround, it would need to surpass its April peak of $0.46.

ADA Price Prediction 

Despite a 20% recovery from October 19, reaching today’s peak at $0.29, ADA’s path still retains a bearish outlook. This bearish sentiment is underscored by the descending trendline clearly visible in the chart below, consistently intersecting with recent highs.

Price prediction
Price prediction

If the bear market indeed concluded with the Z wave, and we’re now witnessing the inception of a broader five-wave impulse, then the ongoing uptrend should persist. Therefore, a clear breakout above the descending trendline would be a significant bullish indicator.

However, given that ADA’s price remains confined within a broader horizontal range, its current trajectory might encounter resistance, possibly leading to a pullback to the $0.28 level.

A definitive bullish signal for ADA, suggesting a potential rally towards the $1 mark, would involve a breakout above the $0.40 threshold. This level represents the upper boundary of its horizontal range. Achieving this milestone would not only signal the beginning of a bull cycle but also set ADA on a path to potentially reach the $1 milestone.


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