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Cardano On The Verge of Explosive Growth, According to Analysts — Will ADA Start Rising Again?

Last Updated February 9, 2024 3:12 PM
Nikola Lazic
Last Updated February 9, 2024 3:12 PM

Key Takeaways

  • ADA’s potential rise hinges on surpassing the $0.53 mark.
  • 23% of Cardano holders have invested for over five years.
  • Cardano could signal a new uptrend if it exceeds $0.60.

With the price of ADA hovering around $0.50, analyst Ali Martinez took to X to discuss its price potential. Meanwhile, data from on-chain intelligence platform IntoTheBlock shows Cardano’s community’s dedication to holding the coin. 

These insights offer valuable perspectives on Cardano’s market dynamics and the underlying fundamentals behind the token. 

Cardano’s Market Trend: The Descending Triangle

Martinez pointed out a descending triangle on Cardano’s daily trading chart, a concept that can initially seem daunting. This pattern, characterized by lower highs and a flat line of lows, typically signals a bearish market sentiment. 


However, Martinez argued  that, if Cardano manages a daily close above $0.53, it could break away from this bearish trend. After that, it could, potentially, initiate a bullish phase, with a possible 32% increase in price to $0.68. Essentially, climbing above the $0.53 mark could boost investor confidence and significantly elevate Cardano’s price.

The Resilience of Cardano’s Community

On the investor behavior front, IntoTheBlock  says that 23% of Cardano holders have maintained their investment for over five years. This highlights loyalty and belief in Cardano‘s future, underscoring the community’s long-term commitment. 


Such a substantial base of long-term holders demonstrates confidence in Cardano‘s prospects. Not only that, but it also provides a layer of stability against market fluctuations.

ADA Price Analysis 

Cardano first started climbing on October 19, bouncing off its support level at $0.23 and reaching a high near $0.70 by December 13. Following that, a pullback brought Cardano’s price down to the resistance level it had previously broken through, with its January 22 low of $0.45 aligning with the high from April 14, 2023.

Daily chart.
ADA could have ended its correction phase

This move suggests the rise from October 19 might have been the initial phase of a new bullish cycle, followed by the first correction of this bull market. While there has been a rebound, Cardano’s price could still fall slightly further.

The $0.40 price point stands out as a critical level yet to be tested. It represents an additional 18% drop from current prices, which would signify the end of this phase. 

The January 22 rebound could be part of an ABC corrective pattern, with the next move pushing the price above $0.60. Surpassing the $0.60 mark could show the beginning of a new upward trend, diverting from a possible dip to the $0.40 area.


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