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Woke Warren Zealots Embarrass Themselves by Fat-Shaming Dean Cain

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:34 PM
Aubrey Hansen
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:34 PM
  • Dean Cain tweeted about Ashley Judd supporting Elizabeth Warren, joking that he had “nothing positive to say.”
  • Triggered Warren supporters wrongly assumed Cain was talking about Judd’s appearance.
  • Those offended that Cain would bash someone for their appearance proceeded to bash him for his appearance.

Dean Cain clearly didn’t get the memo. He dared to post a tweet criticizing Ashley Judd for supporting Elizabeth Warren. 

Sorry, Dean, that’s not okay in 2020. A white male questioning the political choices of a strong, intelligent woman? You’re not free to voice that type of opinion in this enlightened era.

A “woke” Twitter user bashes Dean Cain for disagreeing with a woman. | Source: Twitter 

And Ashley Judd is a strong, intelligent woman!

She’s entitled to share her political views.

But so is Dean Cain.

Warren Supporters Ironically Assume Dean Cain Was Attacking Judd’s Appearance

Outraged Warren supporters are dragging Dean Cain over the coals for this tweet:

Dean Cain hints that he’s unhappy with Ashley Judd in some way. | Source: Twitter 

Seriously? There’s not the slightest hint of him talking about Ashley Judd’s appearance.  We should be questioning the people who jumped to that conclusion.

Were you focused on her looks, Woke Twitter? Maybe you should be paying more attention to the message she’s sending rather than her physical appearance.

Yet Another Example of How Woke Twitter Shuts Down Debate

More and more outraged “woke” people are trying to shut down anyone who questions their political beliefs.

Dean Cain is just as entitled to make his political opinions known as Ashley Judd. His tweet was legitimate, and he refused to back down:

Dean Cain holds his ground against the outrage. | Source: Twitter 

Many individuals would wilt under the pressure from the triggered masses and offer an apology. Kudos to Cain for holding his ground.

Elizabeth Warren Supporters Put Their Hypocrisy on Full Display

It’s not just that Warren supporters are angry, it’s how they’re expressing it. Many of them are bashing Cain for attacking someone’s looks by, wait for it, attacking his looks!

If you don’t like someone judging appearances, you should do it too? | Source: Twitter 

That’s right! The best way to deal with someone you believe to be attacking someone’s appearance is by attacking their appearance.

Honestly, you couldn’t make this nonsense up. The irony of the situation flies way over the head of these deluded people.

The Warren Campaign Will Likely Exploit the Offended Masses for Political Gain

I fully expect Elizabeth Warren and Ashley Judd to use this situation for political gain. They’ll take full advantage of the mistaken anger of their offended supporters.

They’ll be smart enough to not outright claim that Dean Cain insulted Judd’s looks, of course. They know that he didn’t, so they’ll play it safe there.

Dean Cain somehow took the high road in this situation. | Source: Twitter 

Clever insinuations, peppered with phrases such as “powerful woman” and “brave individual,” will be enough to bolster their deluded supporters.

But considering Warren’s previous blunders, it’s won’t be enough to save her campaign.

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