Twitter Calls Out Jason Kidd For Making Subtle Power Grab

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October 23, 2019 11:53 PM UTC

It appears that Jason Kidd isn’t wasting time making a grab for power with the Los Angeles Lakers. Some were concerned when the team hired him as an assistant that he would try to undermine head coach Frank Vogel, but the Lakers hired him anyway.

Vogel has said he isn’t concerned about Kid coming for his job and says they have a great working relationship. But if he puts any stock into what the Twitter-verse thinks (if he does, then maybe the Lakers do have the wrong man), he may change his mind.

So—what did Kidd do?

Jason Kidd and His Tweet

In the hours leading up to Tuesday night’s season opener against the Los Angeles Clippers, Kidd did something that looks innocent and harmless. He tweeted a picture of himself and a few of the Lakers players with a meaningless little caption:

Simple, right? It’s nothing that plenty of coaches, head and assistant (like Kidd), do all the time.

But Kidd isn’t just any old run-of-the-mill assistant coach. He has a history of making power grabs and trying to usurp power and control from his superiors and other coaches.

Many of the fans are aware of his history. They’ve read about the demands he made of the Brooklyn Nets and how he talked with the Bucks about coaching the team while they still had a coach. Last season he campaigned for the job while Luke Walton still had it. Supposedly, the issue Ty Lue had with taking the Lakers HC job was having to hire Kidd as an assistant.

So, when they saw Kidd’s tweet and noticed that head coach Frank Vogel wasn’t in it (as if he wasn’t a part of this ‘new chapter’ Kidd referred to), they reacted.

The Reaction

It’s safe to say that they aren’t happy with Kidd:

In all fairness, there were quite a few that reacted in a supportive manner. Many even seemed to refer to him as if he was the one in charge. Could his evil plan be working already?

It doesn’t help that the Lakers lost their season opener to the Clippers, 112-102.


Is there something to all the concerns people have over Kidd? Hopefully not. It would be a shame if one of the NBA’s premier teams would get caught up in a ridiculous drama like that. But should Vogel be concerned? Is the tweet by Jason Kidd a sly way of trying to make a power grab?

Kidd has been a little underhanded in the past, but he hasn’t shown the mental capacity for the long con. So, it is probably nothing—but Kidd is the only one that truly knows.

And he’s not talking.

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