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Time to Realize Anti-Consumer Nintendo Doesn’t Care About You

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:01 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:01 PM
  • Nintendo has recently announced that they won’t be offering refunds for miss-purchased Pokemon expansion passes.
  • This is the latest movie in a campaign of perceived anti-consumer actions from the Japanese company.
  • Clearly, Nintendo just don’t care about their customers.

It probably shouldn’t be a shock at this point, but Nintendo is being anti-consumer again. They’ve already waged a costly legal battle to screw over their customers. Now they’re doing it again but without the legal trouble this time.

Basically, if you accidentally buy the wrong expansion pack for Pokemon Sword/Shield, you won’t be able to get a refund . So if you make a mistake on the store page, you’re screwed.

Time to face facts. Nintendo doesn’t care about you.

Nintendo - Pokemon Sword Expansion Store Page
The store page at least offers a link to take you to the alternative version of the pass. | Source: Nintendo eShop 

Nintendo Doesn’t Care About Its Customers (Unless Caring Makes Them Money)

Time and time again, Nintendo manages to prove how little they care. Any company that would legally wage a costly fight to deny customers the right to a refund is a scummy company in my books.

This latest move just completely solidifies that opinion in my mind. Even if they have a legal right to deny refunds, they shouldn’t want to. A decent company, like Nintendo pretends to be, would want to help customers who make simple mistakes.

It’s not even like they’ll deny the refund because you’ve booted the DLC. The second you confirm your purchase, you cannot get that money back or swap the DLC package. At all. Why are these even separate passes in the first place?

Nintendo - Twitter Refund reactions
Folks on Twitter weren’t too happy about the news either. | Source: Twitter 

This Should Have Been Easy to Sort Out

It wouldn’t have been hard for Nintendo to have something in place to sort out accidental purchases. A simple trade scheme or something would have been nice. But no, if you bought the wrong version then you’d better fork out again buddy.

Some might argue that having a refund policy would leave Nintendo open to abuse. At that point, you have to wonder how much a company should be willing to screw over its legit customers to slightly inconvenience a few ‘bad actors’.

Besides, other companies manage to have decent refund policies. Steam allows you to refund a game even after you’ve played it. Somehow they still manage to make a decent amount of money.

And, don’t forget this is Nintendo. They’re one of the few gaming companies out there with a growing industry right now . If anyone could have taken a minor hit they could.


Nintendo Are Evil, You Can’t Change My Mind

No one will ever be able to convince me that Nintendo are as wholesome as they act. The company is more than willing to dive feet-first into mobile gaming, micro-transaction rubbish to make a buck.

They’re also too willing to mess their players around. Both in an anti-consumer way and in ways that just straight up make their games less convenient and more expensive.

Hug your Mario blanket and turn on your power brick lamp all you want. Nintendo don’t care about you. Nintendo doesn’t care about anyone but themselves. Never forget that.

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