Swiss Alps to Make Mining More Profitable

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The Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) strives to get mining back on track with the help of Swiss nature, AI, and blockchain. Deploying mining units high in the mountains facilitates air conditioning, and the “unique” Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) system allows drastically reduced energy consumption compared to competitors. The company will also use its mining units to provide several blockchain frameworks for customers.

Despite being a vital part of cryptocurrency infrastructure, the mining industry has faced serious issues over the last few years. The ever-growing complexity of mathematical operations requires more sophisticated mining hardware, which leads to an exponential growth of energy consumption by the equipment, not to mention skyrocketing competition among miners, which all affect mining profitability.

SAE is aiming to take the mining industry to the next level. The company has launched its new project, offering clean and cheap energy sources, efficient mining facilities, and better electricity distribution on blockchain smart contracts.

SAE clean energy

SAE claims Switzerland has many small-scale hydroelectric power plants as a popular source of energy, and the company plans to either build or acquire several such plants. The internal price of one kWh generated by hydropower is approximately 2.6 cents, a competitive price since this is equivalent to costs in China, as SAE’s spokesperson underlines.

SAE emphasizes it only uses environmentally friendly and sustainable sources of energy. The long-term purchasing agreements and the management of the company’s own small hydropower plants would make mining operations more profitable.

SAM mining cubes with ORC

The company is aiming to deliver electricity from its power plants to mining units called SAM Cubes. The SAM Cube consists of an aluminum case and a ventilation system, and can be equipped with ASIC or GPU miners. The first units have been equipped with mining rigs for the mining of Ethereum and Bitcoin, but this list will be expanded in the future to “practically all cryptocurrencies”.

SAE deploys its mining infrastructure high in the Swiss mountains, where the annual average temperature is below 15 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the SAM Cube does not need artificial air conditioning. Instead, it utilizes natural conditions with its tailor-made ventilation concept for cost-effective cooling of the mining facilities. In addition, SAM Cubes leverage an ORC system, which uses waste heat of industrial processes through a downstream steam power process to generate electricity. The high altitude facilitates energy recovery as it lowers the boiling point of water. SAE claims its ORC system is a distinctive feature that leads to a drastic reduction of energy consumption (up to 50%) compared to other mining facilities.

To increase profitability, SAE will also implement SamaiX technology for the mining operation. It’s an AI which calculates the profitability of different coins’ mining on the real-time basis and makes suggestions for miners so that they can adjust their mining accordingly.

SAE blockchain platform

The company will also provide its decentralized blockchain infrastructure on the SAM mining infrastructure as a service for customers. The company will give customers the opportunity to operate a private decentralized blockchain and develop individual solutions on distributed ledger technology.

SAM Token

All services provided by SAE as well as the purchase of power and cubes will be paid in SAM tokens. This includes the renting and buying of mining units, electricity supply from SAM power plants, and hosting blockchains on decentralized SAM Cubes. The token sale of SAM tokens is scheduled for June 2018.

The company expects the ROI of its mining operation to be over 200% in next two years if prices for cryptocurrencies continue to rise.

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