Shivom to Collaborate with the Government of Andhra Pradesh to Build World's Largest DNA Sequence Database

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Our genetic code, the very building blocks of what makes us unique, is information that requires careful handling. Our genetic code unlocks information about our identity, our health and behaviour and even about who we are related to. The genome gives us information as sequences of DNA base pairs stored in 23 chromosomes. Seeing that there is so much data about us in our genome, what would be the worth of this information to others? Shouldn’t individuals be able to benefit from their own genetic information, rather than give it away to sequencing companies who sell it to third parties?

Shivom is a project that is about empowering people through their own genetics. The project aims to allow DNA data donors to work with ‘revolutionary changemakers’ in biotechnology, healthcare, and government to be able to contribute to what they describe as ‘unprecedented era of medical marvels’. Donors would be able to control their own genomic data, control the right to who has access and also be rewarded for sharing it.

Empowering genomic data sharing

Shivom would be operating in a vital industry. We live in an era where genomic medicine has the potential to increase the understanding of, and provide treatment for as many as 7000 rare diseases, as well as address major global killers such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. The project will use blockchain technology to change the way modern medicine works. The blockchain implementation would allow Shivom to address important issues relating to consent, data ownership, data integrity and authentication. The ability to use smart contract technology would be an additional benefit as it can allow for management of complex data rights as well as fine grained access. The process of sequencing is painless for donors as all that is required is a saliva sample. In return donors would benefit from getting information about their health and ancestry, and can decide if they want to donate their genome for free or profit.

Building World’s Largest Genetic Database

Shivom has been working closely with partners with the goal of building the world’s largest DNA sequence database. They have already formed a partnership with Genetic Technologies Limited (GTG), which is a publicly traded (NASDAQ: Gene; ASX: GTG) diversified molecular diagnostics company. This will allow for a framework for GTG to collaborate on sequencing projects through their CLIA accredited laboratories as part of Shivom’s global network of labs. The synergies will extend to enhancement of GTGs abilities in the development of predictive cancer tests as they get access to larger population of data. In a major development Shivom has also announced a project with the State of Andhra Pradesh in India. Andhra Pradesh is the eight largest state in India and is home to nearly 60 million people. Shivom will be establishing a development centre at Fintech Valley in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh. The collaboration would allow the South Indian state to rehaul its health care services and provide more personalised care to patients. The scale of the project gives huge value to Shivom, if compared to companies such as 23andMe, a provider of DNA testing kits which was valued at US$ 1.3 billion when it had sequenced only 1 million people. To date, only 10 million people have been sequenced worldwide. Talking about the partnership with Andhra Pradesh, Dr. Axel Schumacher, Co-founder and CEO of Shivom says, “At Shivom, we are passionate about changing the healthcare status quo and driving a fundamental evolution that results in a system of universal access to the best and most effective predictive medicine. This agreement with the state of Andhra Pradesh is hugely significant for Shivom as it is the first step towards a new, accessible world of healthcare.”

Crowdfunding genome ownership

As the cost of DNA sequencing falls, Shivom anticipates that the cost of generating a person’s entire genome would fall lower than US$ 100. This has the possibility to transform healthcare services forever. Shivom is rapidly gaining momentum and was recently featured on TedX, delivered by Co-Founder Sally Eaves describing how the project utilizes tech for good in improving global healthcare. Since Shivom has chosen the crowdfunding model to finance the project, the private sale is a great opportunity for those who want to support the Shivom vision of improving healthcare privacy and security, while accelerating genomic research and precision medicine, to contribute to the project. The private sale is wrapping up on April 9th, but the Shivom public token pre-sale is opening on April 16th, and those who would like to contribute can join the whitelist. Investors can learn more about the project and token details in the Shivom whitepaper which has recently been released.

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