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Internet Archive Enables Donations With Zcash, Bitcoin Cash And Bitcoin

Last Updated March 4, 2021 5:01 PM
Lester Coleman
Last Updated March 4, 2021 5:01 PM

Since cryptocurrency relies on the Internet, cryptocurrency users have an interest in supporting a free and secure Internet. Internet Archive, a non-profit created to build an Internet library, gives cryptocurrency users a way to protect their holdings by donating to the organization.

As a non-profit created to build an Internet library that offers permanent access to historical collections in digital format, Internet Archive has announced that it is now accepting donations in Bitcoin Cash and Zcash, in addition to bitcoin, which it has been accepting since 2012, according to the organization’s blog .

Internet Archive states on its website that donations will help ensure that the Web is free, secure and backed up for all time.

User Request Drove Decision

The decision to accept Bitcoin Cash was driven by a tweet from UKcryptocurrency, an organization that  provides guidance on cryptocurrency and secures cryptocurrency with cryptography, to accept Bitcoin Cash. The link was active within hours of the request.

Bitcoin Cash was created as a bitcoin hard fork and was launched on Aug. 1, 2017 by miners and developers who wanted to ensure bitcoin could scale properly.

Zcash offers both selective transparency and privacy on all transactions. Users have the option of using a transparent address or a shielded address that keeps the sender, receiver and amounts private.

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Donation Addresses Listed

The Internet Archive Bitcoin Cash address is 12PRZjrLo5yqnHMmUCtPUse4kCyuneby3S.

The Internet Archive Zcash address is t1W6JqMECmbqmDGZ9uLSXWQZ6EgxFkfuty8.

The Internet Archive bitcoin address is 1Archive1n2C579dMsAu3iC6tWzuQJz8dN .

Internet Archive encourages developers to add media to its site, and to consume and repurpose media and metadata. Items on Internet Archive are directories or folders of files that include originally uploaded content, including text, video, audio, etc., in addition to any derivative files Internet Archive creates from the originals and the metadata that describes the item.

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