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Pomerdoge Thrives Amid Unstable Market with Strong Presale and Gaming Triumph

Last Updated August 29, 2023 8:12 AM
Omar Elorfaly
Last Updated August 29, 2023 8:12 AM

Key Takeaways

  • Pomerdoge shocks market with a successful presale and P2E model.
  • Crypto analyst predicts Pomerdoge to lead memecoins market.
  • Pomerdoge developed an entire ecosystem.
  • It also includes NFTs, a marketplace, and a P2E model.

New crypto tokens, including memecoins, emerge daily, but most fade into oblivion due to a lack of unique selling points (USP).

Token issuers often depend on their community to raise capital and token value, yet few introduce novel utilities. Additionally, new tokens often lack robust ecosystems to retain users and investors.

This is where Pomerdoge (POMD) steps in. The new memecoin has sent ripples through the crypto market through a widely successful presale launch and a promised Play To Earn (P2E) model.

Pomerdoge To The Moon?

Obviously a play-on-words, Pomerdoge simply added a ‘fluffy’ aspect to the widely popular Dogecoin design.

“It’s officially been one month since the inception of Pomerdoge. We have officially raised over $1,750,000 and are growing at a rapid pace. There is less than one month to go until the end of Stage One and its looking increasingly likely that we will sell out early. If this happens Stage Two will begin straight away,” says a tweet  by the Token’s official account.

The token’s issuers are not exactly shy about their success either. Their official Twitter/X account  consistently celebrates milestones achieved by the token.

On top of that, Pomerdoge keeps its enthusiasts engaged with news and competitions that revolve around the token.

Play To Earn

The token’s website  also advertises a game in which players can earn rewards.

“Take part in the most exciting new P2E game while earning rewards. Be paid for your time playing the Pomergame.

Build up your character to elite level and create your own custom items for your avatar..

Once you have a gold status Pomer you will be able to start selling skins, items and other valuable in the Pomerplace.”

Essentially, Pomerdoge developers aim to launch a series of NFTs that can be earned by playing a game created by them. Players may then choose to sell the NFTs on the token’s marketplace, Pomerplace.

Battle Of The Memecoins

Pomerdoge is performing exceptionally well, to the point where popular crypto analyst Kaleo predicts  that Pomerdoge will top all memecoins in 2023 gains.

That might be connected to the fact that Pomerdoge plans on releasing 7,777 unique, high-valued collectibles to reward its community members.

However, Pomerdoge faces fierce competition from Dogecoin, which the crypto market would agree is currently the leading memecoin.

Dogecoin holds one huge advantage over any memecoin that might emerge in the market, it’s Elon Musk’s favorite token.

The tech billionaire, known for Tesla and now X (formerly Twitter), engages users on his platform and actively promotes Dogecoin to attract investors.

When Musk announced the platform’s branding change to X, he made sure to include Dogecoin in the announcement by placing Dogecoin’s symbol ‘Ð’ to his Twitter Profile.

In most recent news, Elon Musk is rumored to be gearing X up to become his new ‘PayPal’ by creating a crypto trading platform within the social network, which is likely to influence the price and popularity of Dogecoin.


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