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What is Notcoin? Price Surge Peaks at 16% Following New Binance Pair Listing

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Eddie Mitchell
Last Updated 34 seconds ago
Key Takeaways
  • The Notcoin (NOT) token price surge peaked at 16% to $0.01905.
  • Notcoin users have earned over $1.5 million since the launch of Web3 explore and learn campaigns.
  • Daily active wallet addresses on The Open Network (TON) may be outpacing Ethereum.

Telegram-based play-to-earn (P2E) game and crypto Notcoin (NOT) is one of today’s top-performing cryptocurrencies following a new listing pair on leading crypto exchange Binance.

As the Notcoin app continues to drive interest toward The Open Network ecosystem, the token is seemingly gaining traction amongst investors as it expands its trading reach.

Notcoin (NOT) Price

As per data from CoinMarketCap, the NOT  token briefly spiked from $0.0163 to a peak of $0.019, a jump of just over 16%. Following this, the price has since corrected a little and is presently trading in the $0.017 region.

(Source: CoinMarketCap)

Trading volumes are also up 66% with $1.2 billion exchanged in the last 24 hours . The NOT token is ranked #55 by market capitalization, and #12 in trading volume.

Some of these gains are attributed to the news that Binance will be expanding trading options for NOT, which it officially listed in May 2024 . As of today, users will be able to access a NOT to Brazil Real (NOT/BRL ) trading pair.

Notcoin also has unique benefits in being based on The Open Network (TON), the flagship blockchain network and crypto of Telegram. With a 900 million strong userbase, Telegram bolsters the reach of the Notcoin app, which seems to be designed to introduce new TON ecosystem projects and get people using them.

As reported by Delphi Digital, the number of daily active addresses on TON is currently outpacing Ethereum, suggesting that the TON ecosystem could be in full bloom.

40 Million Users

As per a post from Notcoin (NOT), the Telegram-based P2E game reached 40 million users, adding 5 million in just a week.

Following the announcement, the price of the NOT token relished in a brief spike in price, boosting it some 9% from around $0.01778 to a high of $0.01941.

It now boasts a market cap of $1.9 billion , down from a lofty high of $2.56 billion a month ago, which previously placed it in the top 50 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization – It is now ranked 53rd by market cap.

Last week it also witnessed significant 24-hour trading volumes of around $2.2 billion, ranking it 7th above Solana (SOL). Today it is down to $845 million, ranking it 11th between Ripple (XRP) and Dogecoin (DOGE).

According to Notcoin, users have earned over $1.5 million across the 20 campaigns that they explore, learn, and earn with.

Notcoin highlights that the total rewards paid out in just a month outpaces most Web3 projects. Looking ahead, Notcoin expects a tenfold increase in the number of campaigns and Notcoin earned “once automated campaigns are launched.”

What is Notcoin (NOT)

Notcoin (NOT)  is a play-to-earn (P2E) token and game on the increasingly popular Telegram messaging app and is a new member of The Open Network (TON) ecosystem.

Notcoin app download screen.
Notcoin App

The project launched in late 2023 and originally required users to tap a virtual gold coin to earn – or “mine” – NOT tokens. In May 2024, the game introduced various quests and tasks, such as discovering and interacting with new Web3 projects, expanding the game’s earning potential.

Screen displaying Notcoin tasks.
(Source: Notcoin)

Following the addition of explore and earn in May 2024 , the Telegram-based token gained some 147% in value in a week, climbing from $0.009 and breaking past the 1 cent mark to $0.02376.

Analysts predict the NOT token could reach a price of $0.047 in 2025. This is uncertain as the project lacks a whitepaper explaining anything in detail about it. Though despite this it has managed to attract millions of players and significant levels of investment.


The viral game may be the latest hype in the crypto space, and warrant some due diligence and own research, but people are still wanting to know how to play.

Users have a limited amount of “energy” to use with each tap. Supposedly, this limits users to a maximum of 1,000 NOT tokens per session, which can increase depending on certain features.

Players are offered a “Boost” feature which allows users to increase the amount of NOT tokens received, an auto-tap bot, reduce the energy recharge time, increase your energy level, and more. All boosts are purchasable with earned NOT.

Screenshot of Notcoin app boosters
Notcoin App and Boosters

Players can also complete tasks to earn. this includes referring friends, activating Telegram Premium, owning certain non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and interacting with Web3 projects in the TON ecosystem. In addition, players can stake their NOT tokens to gain access to higher-earning campaign pools.

Users can then trade their earned NOT tokens or sell them on any listed exchange such as Binance and KuCoin.

Notcoin Roadmap

Tapping into Telegram’s gigantic user base of 900 million monthly active users may provide some long-term value to Notcoin’s popularity. Whether or not it can sustain its current momentum will depend on whether or not it can adequately reward its reported 40 million users.

With intentions of increasing its earning potential by 10x, it also plans to bring new levels to players, allow users to share earnings, and make it easier for new projects to launch campaigns on the app.

Though the project’s website lacks a whitepaper or any comprehensive details on its future, it is reported  that Notcoin intends to continue onboarding new projects to promote through its P2E campaigns. Furthermore, it hopes to be a community-driven ecosystem with more games, staking opportunities, trading bot functionality, and an NFT voucher/reward program.

Details are scarce, and the general optimism around the project appears only to be guided by the NOT token’s performance in the past week. Time will soon tell if this ambiguous-at-best project can retain this level of interest.

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