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Crypto in the Movies: Bitfinex Hack Film Incoming

Last Updated January 29, 2024 2:17 PM
Teuta Franjkovic
Last Updated January 29, 2024 2:17 PM

Key Takeaways

  • Amazon MGM Studios is developing a film about Heather “Razzlekhan” Morgan and Ilya Lichtenstein
  • The couple was charged with stealing $4 billion in cryptocurrency.
  • The couple faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

Amazon MGM Studio is in the process of creating a film  centered around Heather “Razzlekhan” Morgan and her spouse Ilya Lichtenstein.

The couple faced charges  in 2022 from the U.S. Department of Justice for their involvement in a conspiracy linked to a massive $4 billion heist and money laundering operation.

Small Victory Productions Teams with Amazon MGM Studios

Under their first-look agreement  with Amazon MGM Studios, Lili Reinhart and Catherine Hagedorn of Small Victory Productions are set to produce an upcoming film. Caitlin Roper and Sofia Smith of The New York Times are also on board as producers for this project.

The script draws its inspiration from a 2022 New York Times articl e, with the publication actively involved in the production through its partnership with Anonymous Content.

Amazon MGM Studios did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Although specific information remains limited, the movie delves into the journey of Morgan and Lichtenstein, who confessed to their involvement in the 2016 hack of the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange following their arrest in 2022.

Former Aspiring Rapper Pleads Guilty to $4.5 Bn Crypto Heist

Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco commented  at the time:

“In a futile effort to maintain digital anonymity, the defendants laundered stolen funds through a labyrinth of cryptocurrency transactions. Thanks to the meticulous work of law enforcement, the department once again showed how it can and will follow the money, no matter what form it takes.”

Prior to her arrest, Morgan pursued a career as an aspiring rapper  under the alias “Razzlekahn.”Morgan also contributed articles to Forbes and worked in the cybersecurity sector.

In a significant turn of events, the couple stood before a judge in Washington, D.C. last summer and admitted to the theft of 120,900 Bitcoin, valued at approximately $3.6 billion at the time. They also agreed to relinquish their ill-gotten gains, though they could potentially face up to 20 years in federal prison if convicted. In August 2023, the Justice Department disclosed  the recovery of an additional $475 million connected to the heist.

Since her apprehension two years ago, Morgan has distanced herself from any involvement in the cryptocurrency and NFT space.

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