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Cornell Pioneers Bitcoin Education: First Independent Study Approved

Last Updated January 24, 2024 11:53 AM
Teuta Franjkovic
Last Updated January 24, 2024 11:53 AM

Key Takeaways

  • Ella Hough, a student at Cornell University, is leading this pioneering initiative.
  • This interdisciplinary study will examine Bitcoin’s cognitive, game-theoretical, and societal impacts.
  • Hough launched Cornell’s first Bitcoin club to engage and empower Bitcoin enthusiasts.

Cornell University’s College of Arts & Sciences’ College Scholar Program marked a significant academic achievement on January 11th by officially approving its first independent study focused on Bitcoin .

Ella Hough , a student at Cornell University, is at the forefront of this groundbreaking endeavor. She is poised to undertake a distinctive academic exploration dedicated to understanding and analyzing Bitcoin.

Ella Hough Pioneers Interdisciplinary BTC Major at Cornell University

Ella Hough’s major at Cornell University is set to be an interdisciplinary amalgamation, covering a broad spectrum of subjects such as Cognitive Science, Psychology, Philosophy, Information Science, Government, Economics, Anthropology, and History.

This comprehensive approach  aligns with the complex and multifaceted nature of Bitcoin. Her study aims to delve into the cognitive and game-theoretical aspects of Bitcoin, along with examining its potential for adoption and its impact on various societal structures.

Hough has, therefore, articulated her unique College Scholar major  as Bitcoin, a choice that encompasses cognitive and game theoretical components related to its adoption and the broader implications of Bitcoin on society.

“When asked, ‘What is my College Scholar major?’ My response would be Bitcoin,” she explained .

As part of the College Scholar Program, Hough is tasked with writing and presenting an honors thesis, including an oral defense, in May 2025. Her thesis, although subject to evolving with new information, is expected to primarily focus on the global adoption and transformative effects of Bitcoin as both a network and an asset. Her completed thesis will be showcased in Klarman Hall at the university and archived in the program’s permanent library.

First official Bitcoin club and Bitcoin Students Network at Cornell

The whole academic path is further personalized by the choice of diploma and transcript title, which, upon approval from the Program Director, will prominently feature Bitcoin.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Hough is actively contributing to the Bitcoin community by establishing the first official Bitcoin club at Cornell . This club will be part of the Bitcoin Students Network of Generation Bitcoin, aimed at encouraging and supporting young people in exploring Bitcoin.

Hough’s initiative is not just academic; it’s driven by a humanitarian imperative .

“There is a humanitarian imperative affecting generations, present and future, to study all aspects of Bitcoin and for students to be validated in their efforts,” she stated .

Her goal is to inspire others to think beyond existing systems and contribute to building a more inclusive and honest world.

The approval of Ella’s Bitcoin-focused study by Cornell University is a landmark acknowledgment of Bitcoin’s significance in academic circles.

It paves the way for further academic exploration and recognition of Bitcoin, as it continues to influence the global financial landscape. Hough’s pioneering efforts at a renowned institution like Cornell underscore the growing academic interest in understanding and examining the complexities and potential of Bitcoin.

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