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Bitcoin Ordinals Creator Advocates for Market Forces to Dictate Future, Opposes Censorship

Last Updated January 6, 2024 2:12 PM
Teuta Franjkovic
Last Updated January 6, 2024 2:12 PM

Key Takeaways

  • Casey Rodarmor strongly opposes the censorship of blockchain transactions.
  • Rodarmor raises concerns about the dangers of censoring Bitcoin ordinals.
  • He defends the blockchain’s multifunctionality against maximalist criticism.

Casey Rodarmor, a developer involved with the Bitcoin Ordinals project, recently made a statement  against the censorship of blockchain transactions.

This stance is particularly significant in relation to Ordinals. In a recent blog post, Rodarmor criticized certain members of the Bitcoin community who advocate for blockchain censorship. 

Bitcoin Ordinal Censorship: A Threat to Transparency and Freedom?

He labeled  these individuals as hypocritical, pointing out the contradiction in their support for censorship while claiming Bitcoin is an “unstoppable” form of money immune to external interference. This debate has sparked discussion within the cryptocurrency community. This reflects the ongoing tension between the ideals of unfettered digital transactions and the practical considerations of content moderation on blockchain platforms.


Rodarmor has raised concerns  about the potential implications of censoring Bitcoin ordinals. He argues any attempt to censor these ordinals could lead to a slippery slope within the Bitcoin ecosystem. 

He emphasizes  that due to Bitcoin’s inherent transparency, it’s not feasible to stop people from utilizing this feature. His viewpoint highlights Bitcoins open and transparent nature. He suggests that any efforts to impose restrictions could undermine these core principles, potentially impacting the integrity and freedom associated with the cryptocurrency. 

Rodarmor has expressed his viewpoint on recent criticisms from Bitcoin maximalists about the use of the blockchain for purposes other than payments. 

Blockchain’s Multifunctionality Against Maximalist Criticism

In his blog post , he addresses the discomfort Bitcoin maximalists show towards functionalities that extend beyond simple financial transactions, such as inscribing images and messages on the blockchain.

Rodarmor suggests  that maximalists are struggling to accept the reality that the blockchain’s transparency allows for a wide range of uses, some of which they might find frivolous or illegitimate. He believes this stems from a clash between the capabilities of the blockchain and the ideological vision held people who view Bitcoin as a payment mechanism.

Rodarmor is firmly against any form of technocratic intervention that would restrict or block valid transactions on the blockchain. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining Bitcoin’s core attribute  as an “uncensorable” platform, placing this principle above other concerns.

He underscores the importance of letting the free market guide Bitcoin’s evolution. By resisting over-engineering solutions to every perceived problem and maintaining openness and pragmatism, Rodarmor believes  Bitcoin can transition from a radical idea to a global force for economic freedom. This aligns with the decentralized and open ethos of Bitcoin, suggesting a path forward that relies on market forces rather than imposed limitations.


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