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The Newly President Elect of France, Emmanuel Macron, Might be a Bitcoiner

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:56 PM
Andrew Quentson
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:56 PM

The youngest president in France’s history, who gave the far right Front Nacional leader, Marine Le Pen, a resounding defeat, winning by 33 points ahead, might actually be a bitcoiner.

Macron holding a Ledger Blue bitcoin hardware wallet.

According to reports, the picture was taken during a Cap Digital event in March last year. Cap Digital being “a French public agency dedicated to the development of the Innovative Economy,” according to Wikipedia.

Taking pictures with cool gadgets at an innovative businesses event is just part of his job, some say. So it’s not clear whether this signifies anything more, but the President-Elect holding a Ledger Blue  bitcoin wallet is one of the highest official to use bitcoin in some manner, joining the former British Chancellor George Osborn who actually bought some bitcoins in 2014.

That event did wonders for London, positioning the city as a welcoming hub for innovation which eventually earned London the title of Fintech’s Capital of the World. Macron might now perhaps try to challenge the city.

In a roughly translated French article , Le Figaro says Macron, as Minister of Finance, announced “an adaptation of the financial regulation to allow experimentation of blockchains dedicated to the market of Bonds.” Moreover, “if the experimentation is conclusive, the government could extend it to unlisted securities in order to promote the emergence of a SME exchange.”

The former Rothschild banker appears to be a center leaning politician with his policies very much affirming the seven decades old liberal order which has ensured peace and prosperity within continental Europe.

He is strongly in support of the European Union, an economic but also political project envisioned by Churchill to make war between the tribal European people an impossibility by giving France and Germany joint control over steel and iron.

His victory is seen as a resounding defeat of last century’s nationalistic policies which have been tried and have miserably failed. The French people thus took to the street and twitter, shouting Viva la France, Viva la Republic and Viva la Liberta.

He is young, cosmopolitan, the son of a physician and a professor of neurology, unashamedly calls himself a liberal. Yet, the roar of the right can’t be ignored. The public appears to be fed up with the elite’s handling of Arabia where three million have died in the war torn countries of Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq over the past decade.

The right calls for an escalation, but perhaps it is time the calls for peace get far louder and the public starts demanding a political settlement to these 15 years of war which have only managed to give us trillions of debts, highest inequality levels in a century, crumbling infrastructure, with nothing to show for it.

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