(Video) New Documentary Explores the Roots of Bitcoin

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June 28, 2015 12:29 PM UTC

In the below documentary, IamSatoshi Films explores the roots of Bitcoin. The film explores the aspect of Bitcoin that is often overlooked, how the political unrest of the early 2010s may have contributed to Bitcoin’s success, as people were dissatisfied with the bailouts given to bankers earlier on. The allure of being one’s own bank and having control of one’s funds in the extreme would clearly attract those who were upset at the present system.

The film presents original footage and interviews from 2012 to present day, painting a picture of Bitcoin which often is forgotten. The political roots of the digital currency are key, after all. The message Satoshi Nakamoto imprinted on the first block, and the economic implications of a deflationary asset like Bitcoin, these things should not forgotten in any serious discussion about the future of the currency.

The film explores a perhaps wider range of interview subjects than other films about Bitcoin have, and for this reason, the viewer gets a deeper understanding of the kind of people who are currently pushing the currency forward. Bitcoin rarely comes by itself, and the subjects in this film do a lot to remind us of that. They talk about the various movements that have become attached to Bitcoin at the hip, the movement and the technology such a perfect fit.

This documentary stands on its own in terms of Bitcoin documentaries, well worth a watch since it doesn’t cost the viewer anything.

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