Mike Vrabel May Not Be as Eager to Win the Super Bowl as You’d Think

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January 13, 2020 11:10 PM UTC

Mike Vrabel is one game away from making his first appearance as a head coach in the Super Bowl. As exciting as that is, there is a chance that some part of him may not be as excited as he should be at the thought.

  • With a win over the Baltimore Ravens on Saturday night, Mike Vrabel has the Tennessee Titans within a game of the Super Bowl.
  • Should the Titans get there and win, Vrabel is going to get continuously reminded about something he said he would do to win a Super Bowl.
  • It’s not something any guy is ever willing to do. But it is something jilted significant others like to threaten to do.

The ultimate goal for anyone playing, coaching, or otherwise associated with an NFL team is to win the Super Bowl. Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel has won three, all as a player with the New England Patriots. So, he is familiar with the feeling. But he has yet to make it to the big game as a coach.

After sneaking into the playoffs as the No. 6 seed in the AFC, the odds were against him making it this year. But then he led the Titans to wins over the New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens.

Now, he is one game away from making his first appearance as a head coach in the Super Bowl.

As exciting as that is, there is a chance that some part of him may not be as excited as he should be at the thought.

Why not?

Well, …during the summer, he said he would do something to win a Super Bowl. Chances are good he doesn’t want to be reminded of that.

Bussin’ With The Boys

During the summer, Vrabel made an appearance on a podcast, Bussin’ With The Boys, hosted by one of his former players, Will Compton, and Titans offensive tackle Taylor Lewan.

During his interview, they asked him a rather personal question: Would he cut off his ‘little buddy’ for a Super Bowl win as a coach? They, of course, didn’t say ‘little buddy’ but actually said—well, you know.

As for Vrabel, he said yes.

Been married 20 years … yeah, probably. You guys will be married for 20 years one day. You won’t need it.

When they asked him how his wife would feel about what he said:

She’d be like, do you want me to do it? Do you want to do it now?

Ouch– literally and figuratively.

One Game Away

Why would that make him a little less eager to win the Super Bowl? It’s not like anyone is going to actually expect him to cut it off. People will talk about it a lot if the Titans happen to upset the Chiefs (who have had some issues to overcome this season) next week and then the 49ers (or Packers) in the Super Bowl.

But they are not going to expect him to actually do it.

No, but people are going to remind him of that comment every chance they get. Twitter was full of jokes, and several players commented on it heading into the locker room.

But if winning a Super Bowl means putting up with a bunch of idiots telling him he has to cut his member off, that is probably something Mike Vrabel is willing to endure.

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