MDL Talent Hub Announces Pre-ITO to Disrupt $2.3 Trillion Entertainment Industry

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MDL Talent Hub has announced a Pre-ITO where they seek to raise CA $500,000 to help them prepare for the ITO in March of 2018.

MDL Talent Hub is pivoting their platform at the $2.3 trillion entertainment industry, making the lives of both talent and bookers not only more efficient, but also move convenient. The success of any event, shot, or shoot depends largely on the performance of the talent.

Unfortunately, often times talent is misused, overworked, or even cheated. MDL looks to fix these problems, and help facilitate trust in this area.

MDL looks to do this by first providing tools for both talent and bookers to make both their respective lives easier. Tools like an intuitive booking system, appealing talent profiles, time-management tools, and talent catalogs for final clients are just a couple of things that will be at users’ fingertips.

The very existence of the platform will further simplify talent and job searches, as the platform can work on a global scale, providing one location for talents to post resumes, and bookers to find the right talent for the job. Talent will no longer have to post headshots to numerous sites nor bookers having to look and scout in multiple locations.

Another integral part of the platform is a blockchain-based reputation system for all users, bringing transparency and credibility to the market for both talent and bookers, further fostering partnerships between the two.

The platform will have 5 possible streams of revenue, providing many ways to drive value and adoption of the MDL token within the ecosystem. Reputation-based partnership programs would allow talent with a higher reputation score to receive discounts on products or services for advertisement sharing, allowing advertisers to market their goods or services on celebrities.

Another application of the token would be on the often-customized equipment or costumes used within the entertainment industry. Everything from custom costumes to lighting and cameras could all become tradeable or rentable commodities on the platform, and could all be exchanged using MDL tokens.

Commission from transactions, target advertising, as well as extended functionality are the other three streams, which MDL calls in their whitepaper “conservative streams”.

MDL already has launched their website and blog, with the first MDL token issue to occur on the WAVES platform, which is where the tokens are issued on. After the Pre-ITO concludes in January of next year, and the ITO in March 2018, an Alpha launch of the platform should occur sometime in November of next year.

Interested users looking to participate in the Pre-ITO are asked to download the WAVES wallet, and to message the team on Telegram with their purchase intentions. Users will want to act early, as the ITO will automatically raise the token price from $0.01 to $0.05.

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