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Kawhi Leonard Picked the Worst Possible Time to Get Caught in a Strip Club

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:32 PM
Aaron Weaver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:32 PM
  • A new leaked video shows Kawhi Leonard with a stripper dancing in his lap.
  • An already tense Clippers locker room is about to get worse.
  • LeBron James is a big winner in this controversy.

Kawhi Leonard was just caught using his infamous “klaws”  to practice some non-basketball activities. A video leaked shows the Clippers’ star in a night club with his hands all over a stripper’s behind. 

Kawhi’s strip club apparel had “New Balance” trending on Twitter. | Source: Twitter 

While it’s no secret that NBA stars have visited the occasional strip club, this video is particularly damning. 

Frustrations have been growing in Clippers’ camp as Leonard has missed 11 of the Clippers’ 46 games thus far due to “load management.” It appears to be working in some ways, as Leonard looked incredibly well-rested at the strip club.

If he keeps resting, maybe he could lead the Clippers to strip clubs all around the country, deep into June.

(Note: We are not posting the video here due to mature content, but a quick google search should get you there.)

This Video is a Horrible Look After the “Preferential Treatment” Report 

The timing of this leaked video couldn’t be worse for Kawhi Leonard and the Clippers. A recent report claims that head coach Doc Rivers and the Clippers’ staff have been giving their two stars, Leonard and Paul George, the star treatment.  According to Sam Amick and Jovan Buha of The Athletic, 

There are some teammates who have struggled with the organization’s preferential treatment that is afforded to Leonard and George.


Multiple players, according to league sources, don’t feel the team practices as hard or as seriously as it should at this point in the season.

How do those players feel now, knowing their star is spending his off-time with ladies of the night? Maybe they’ve known this all along, and that’s why they’ve been upset. 

Frustration is Mounting For Clippers’ Mainstays  

Clippers’ sparkplug Montrezl Harrell, whose work ethic and on-court effort are unquestioned,  recently let his frustrations bubble over. 

Following a blowout loss against Memphis earlier this month, a post-game reporter asked: “what’s the vibe of this locker room?” Harrell responded, “I don’t know, brother, and that might be another problem right there.” 

When asked if his team is going to feel a sense of urgency to figure things out, Harrell simply responded, “I am.” Apparently, he’s not sold on some of his teammates doing the same. 

Doc Rivers reportedly ripped into Harrell for revealing his frustrations to the media.  It will be interesting to see how the head coach handles this leak from his precious, new star.

Kawhi Leonard’s Mishap is a Huge Win For LeBron James 

After a wild offseason of moves, Los Angeles has turned into the center of the NBA universe. The media has pitted the leaders of the city’s two title-contending teams against each other. 

While the 35-year-old LeBron James is still showing incredible talent, many analysts are starting to view Kawhi as the more dominant player. The Clippers have defeated the Lakers in both of their matchups this year. At one point, rumors swirled that Kawhi said LeBron was too scared to defend him. 

But the battle of media supremacy is measured by more than just wins and losses. After this strip club leak, one thing is undeniable; LeBron James is lapping Kawhi in the character department. 

LeBron already took a veiled shot against Kawhi’s load management tactics earlier this season when he said: “if I’m healthy, I play.”  

Now Kawhi, who has a long-time girlfriend , also has videos of him making it rain on strippers. Meanwhile, LeBron’s viral moments consist of him and his family celebrating “Taco Tuesday.” 

As much as Kawhi loves to stay silent, the noise around him is about to get louder than ever.