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Kate Middleton Is Allegedly Pregnant but She’s More Than Just a Housewife

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:45 PM
Bernadette Giacomazzo
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:45 PM
  • Kate Middleton is reportedly pregnant with her fourth child.
  • All we hear about the future Queen Consort is her domestic skills.
  • As the future Queen Consort, shouldn’t she be a whole lot more?

Kate Middleton is reportedly pregnant again.

According to the latest round of gossip , Middleton is reportedly expecting baby number four. If true, both Middleton and Queen Elizabeth would have the same number of children.

This is supposed to illustrate the parallels between the current Queen Regnant and the future Queen Consort.

But the comparison falls ridiculously short.

Why Is Kate Middleton Trying To Be A 1950s Housewife?

We’ve previously illustrated that Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth are nothing alike.

We’ve also pointed out that it’s highly unlikely that Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana, would be thrilled with her traditionalist daughter-in-law. Diana spent her entire life bucking royal tradition — why would she be happy to see her son reverting to “the old ways” via his wife?

While it’s true that she will be a Queen Consort, rather than a Queen Regnant like her grandmother-in-law, she will, for all intents and purposes, be the Queen of England.

So why is she acting like Donna Reed or June Cleaver?

Duchess Kate Is A Royal, Not A Celebrity

It’s unclear why Kate Middleton goes out of her way to cater to the lowest common denominator. Rather than dominate the headlines with her various career achievements, we’re treated to a litany of inanity.

We never hear about how Duchess Kate behaved like a diplomat — instead, we hear about her “beachy loose waves, ” as if she’s a model trying out for a swimsuit campaign.

We never hear about how Duchess Kate speaks many languages — instead, we hear about what she eats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner . (Salmon sushi and kale juice, y’all.)

And we never hear about how Duchess Kate meets with world leaders — instead, we hear about her cool hack for hiding her bra straps .

Her sister-in-law, Meghan Markle, is snarked to high heaven for behaving less like a royal and more like an actress — but Markle has an excuse. Markle is American, knows nothing of British tradition and protocol, and actually was an actress before marrying Prince Harry.

But Kate Middleton is British born & bred, comes from a family that served on royalty, and seemed to have no aspirations outside of being a royal wife once she met Prince William. So what’s her excuse?

She’s Not A Stupid Woman

Kate Middleton is not a stupid woman. When she met Prince William, she was studying art history at the University of St. Andrews.

She graduated college with high honors, studied for a year abroad in Florence, Italy, and participated in a Raleigh International program (similar to the Peace Corps) in Chile.


She’s a patron for several charities, an advocate for mental health , and even regularly participates in sustainable and conservationist programs.

Why aren’t we hearing more about this Kate Middleton, future Queen Consort of England?

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