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March 12, 2020 11:37 AM UTC

Jurgen Klopp’s Lame Insult Won’t Hurt Liverpool’s Spanish Conquerors

As Liverpool crash and burn against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League, does Jurgen Klopp look like a man cracking under the pressure?

  • Defending Champions League holders Liverpool were dumped out of the competition at Anfield by Spanish giants Atletico Madrid.
  • Following the game, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp hit out at how Atletico went about the game.
  • Liverpool have lost four of their last six games as the wheels look to have come off. Luckily, they have a healthy lead in the Premier League title race.

As Liverpool crashed and burned against Atletico Madrid, manager Jurgen Klopp stood dumbfounded on the touchline.

He would later claim that he “didn’t get” how Atletico went about their business.

Liverpool, who once looked invincible, have now lost four of their last six games. It seems Jurgen Klopp isn’t the managerial messiah that Liverpool fans believe he is.

Former Liverpool player Michael Owen crying about the result | Source: Twitter

Atletico Madrid, led by the mercurial Diego Simeone, arrived in Liverpool as underdogs. This is Anfield, after all. Magical things happen in that stadium on European nights, right?

Liverpool continue their shaky form and are dumped out of Europe

The tie looked to be over when Liverpool scored early in extra-time through Roberto Firmino. The defensive, cagey tactics employed by Simeone wouldn’t work now that Atletico were chasing the game.

They’d have to come out and play to win, which is exactly what Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp wanted.

Until they realized it was the last thing they wanted.

The defensive Madrid tactics allowed Liverpool more possession, allowed them to play their own game. Once Atletico were 2-0 down and facing elimination from the competition, they put their foot on the gas and did precisely what Jurgen Klopp wanted them to do.

Play more attacking football.

Jurgen Klopp should be careful what he wishes for

Following the game Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp cried about Atletico’s tactics and style of play:

I don’t understand with the quality they have the football they play. They could play proper football, but they stand deep and have counter-attacks. But the way they play, I just don’t get it. I don’t get it.

After realizing they had to go out and win the game, Simeone’s side proceeded to score three goals in just over 20 minutes.

That’s what Atletico were capable of when they play “proper” football, Jurgen. Just be thankful they didn’t do that from the get-go, or it could have been a whole lot worse for Liverpool.

The difference in class between the managers was there for all to see

While Jurgen Klopp cried and complained that Atletico didn’t play football the way he wanted, Diego Simeone kept it simple:

We try to exploit deficiencies in the opponent. That’s what we do. And we try to win.

Atletico Madrid scored four goals over the two games they played against Liverpool.

Just imagine what they would have done had they played “proper” football?

As the English season draws to a close Liverpool are set to win their first league title in thirty years, which is a terrific achievement.

Maybe next season Jurgen Klopp will think twice about disregarding the cup competitions? A double or a treble would have been even better.

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