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John McAfee Apologizes & Deletes Tweet About Apollo Cryptocurrency

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:39 PM
Francois Aure
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:39 PM

A repentant John McAfee was forced to make a public apology on Wednesday, as the tech maverick walked back statements he made regarding the Apollo cryptocurrency. McAfee chose to delete the tweets as part of his repentance, but not before his comments were widely circulated.

John McAfee, Deleted Apollo Tweet
John McAfee deleted this tweet after a spirited rebuke from Apollo. Source-Twitter

John McAfee Walks Back Apollo Statements

Attacking Apollo was an extraordinary course of action for the McAfee, who has been heavily involved with APL for some time. The Team McAfee website features Apollo prominently, and in 2018 JMac announced he was taking over as Chairman of the project .

APL Trades Firmly Despite Controversy

Apollo Cryptocurrency
Despite John McAfee’s comments, APL traded firmly on the day. Source- coinmarketcap.com

Despite the accusations of issues on Twitter, there was minimal adverse reaction in the price of Apollo, which tracked Bitcoin’s movements for most of the day, trading up around 4.3%. It could have been much worse given the size of John McAfee’s following and his apparent proximity to the project. McAfee walked back his tweets and replaced them with a statement denouncing his previous comments due to him “being trolled.”

It now seems very possible John McAfee is not as involved with Apollo as he used to be. Surely he would have dealt directly with the development team if he was still taking a prominent role. Certainly, Apollo’s website  does not list John in their management team but still lists their association with Team McAfee.

Attracting a lot of attention for his journey from the Caribbean to a faraday cage of unknown location, the 2020 candidate has received a lot of condemnation on Twitter for his careless tweets. However, he must receive credit for what appears to be a sincere apology if he did make an honest mistake.

McAfee Still Believes Altcoin Season Is Coming

Focusing more on politics lately than cryptocurrency, McAfee has occasionally mentioned his belief that altcoin season  is coming. Bitcoin has increased its dominance once again, and smaller projects are mostly seeing their coins struggle. Thus it was no surprise to see Apollo mount a vigorous defense of their privacy credentials.