Jio Console: 5 Things You NEED to Know About India’s Stadia Rival

jio video game console, google stadia
Jio, India's telecom giant, just announced a gaming console to rival Google's Stadia in India. Here's what you need to know about the device. | Source: Shutterstock (i), Josh Edelson / AFP (ii). Image Edited by

By Google tantalized the gaming industry when it revealed that its console, Stadia, would be a streaming service. However, Jio, India’s telecom giant, is promising what it claims could be an even better platform in India.

Jio’s console launches in early September, nearly two months ahead of Google’s service, and it could provide some interesting insights into the challenges that Stadia and other streaming consoles will face when they launch.

Here are five things you need to know about the Jio video game console:

1. It will have its own integrated graphics chip

Unlike the Stadia, whose service is provided entirely via streaming, Jio’s console, named only the Jio set-top box, boasts the presence of an onboard graphics chip.

Jio didn’t state what it will do, but it might help process Android games that don’t require higher amounts of processing power. Helping with VR processing on the player’s side is also a possibility.

2. Jio console will work with any gaming controller (and your smartphone!)

Unlike the Stadia, which requires its own controller, Jio’s system can connect to any wireless gamepad. Yes, even a PlayStation 4 controller – or more ironically, the Stadia’s.

Don’t like game controllers? Fine. You can also use any smartphone.

3. The company already has partnerships with Microsoft and Tencent

tencent partnership with stadia rival jio
Tencent has already inked a partnership with Jio. | Source: AP Photo / Mark Schiefelbein

Jio announced partnerships with Microsoft Game Studios, Gameloft, and Tencent. The console will also be able to play any Android game.

4. Jio wants to rival Xbox Live in India

On top of battling Google on the streaming front in India, Jio’s console is also going up against Xbox’s gaming platform. Jio is going to have its own social gaming service, aimed at connecting all gamers across the country.

5. The Stadia competitor claims it will have zero latency

Jio claims its console will be connected at speeds of at least 100 Mbps with zero latency.

Of course, a presentation isn’t a viable way of confirming the console will be latency-free.

And that’s the point of most contention to gamers, as even Stadia’s creators have so far been unable to prove claims of 100% seamless gameplay in more accurate tests.

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