Get Paid to Toke with the First Cannabis Social Network on the Blockchain

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Most marijuana users will agree that a job description including lighting up all day is a concept that many may find too tempting to resist.

At Smoke Network, we are building a platform that will allow marijuana users to do just that - provided they are able to contribute in meaningful way to the platform in the process.

Smoke Network is a decentralized blockchain based social network where users can earn cryptocurrency for engaging with and promoting content in an online community of cannabis users.

Building on pioneering concepts and the explosive growth of incentivized social media networks such as the highly successful Steem platform, Smoke Network will run its own decentralized application on the upcoming DPoS Consensus EOS blockchain. Users will be able to earn rewards for posting and upvoting content paid out in Smoke Network’s native token, SMOKE.

The decentralized nature of the network will prevent cannabis pages and content from being censored, a common problem even for legal based marijuana businesses.

New users will be able to sign up for the platform after launch to receive a small amount of SMOKE which they can use to kickstart their earnings and engagement on the platform.

Features of the Smoke Network DApp, which is scheduled to be launched by the Smoke team in Q3 2018, include the ability to post articles, images, trip reports, upvote and downvote posts, a customized homepage feed, content exploring, an online wallet for holding SMOKE with a strain review database and dispensary review database to follow in following months.

A beta platform running on the popular steem blockchain is currently live and accessible via the website: with MVP prototypes at

Through a solid user experience and the incentive of cryptocurrency rewards Smoke Network hopes to attract a loyal userbase and community of stoners and marijuana enthusiasts.

The SmokeNetwork main ICO will be held from the 20th of April (04/20) until the 25th of May 2018 giving users a chance to contribute. Contributing and curating high quality cannabis related content on the network will allow users to earn additional SMOKE based on their current SMOKE holdings and network influence.

For more info visit the Smoke Network website.


Smoke Holdings IBC is a software development company and is producing the Smoke Network software as free, open source code. For more information please see the Terms of Use located at

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