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Foundation Election Runoffs Concluding

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:43 PM
Joel Dalais
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:43 PM

The Bitcoin Foundation runoff elections had a surprise  for its members when it started earlier this week. Without warning it had changed the format for the election to the Swam platform.

Users had to re-register, download a paper wallet, copy a password from that, and then wait for an email, or not, and then they were able to vote after using the second password.

The novelty of the new voting system was that it used the block chain to cast and count members votes. Through some research, a redditor  was able to provide the following information.

Oliver Janssens (Yes): https://blockchain.info/address/1MG6SSwK2qSASM2QgBez2g4YFe3ib4d2eL 

Oliver Janssens (No) https://blockchain.info/address/13oVzto4JgXuC5g6YdFGVFT7fQPvBF6dbp 

Jim Harper (Yes): https://blockchain.info/address/17SvZqnJu2YLJxc7efqCLdqD9YgSuanDUb 

Jim Harper (No): https://blockchain.info/address/1CDubGvkrhJJN2HvLjSieVJWdRTaKcGzE7 

Michael Perklin (Yes): https://blockchain.info/address/1MVH3QUfZvdoD9LCDZk3CUCyoKsFZyF2fc 

Michael Perklin (No): https://blockchain.info/address/12TPfUbMaPgWnygnJBh4gbufYLLxtqL1of 

Bruce Fenton (Yes): https://blockchain.info/address/1JzLthmMkvvAaUDgo3xLfXrqJGKfz1WMQK 

Bruce Fenton (No): https://blockchain.info/address/1FXPxH5KieBGtBieTXpQPqh8XHDUKRHTo5 

However, the functionality and ease of use factors far outweighed the novelty. Foundation members had to re-register, download a paper wallet in pdf format. Then copy a password from that and wait for an email, or not, and then they were able to vote after using the second password.

You were next faced with a randomizing of candidates Yes/No count from the top to bottom, to a No/Yes count, respectively. Meaning some candidates received a No instead of a Yes, and vice versa.

Needless to say, it was problematic, and there was a swift discussion on the forums . And it was shortly agreed by the Candidates to move back to the Helios system used before, discounting the current votes on swarm and initiating a Runoff Election Reboot.


The Bitcoin Foundations Runoff elections are concluding now, and whether you hate them or love them, the new Directors may be a positive, or negative thing to our delicate and emerging ecosystem. Or they might just fade into the background, time will tell.

The four candidates remaining are;

Bruce Fenton
“I believe the Bitcoin Foundation can serve as a positive influence that benefits Bitcoin.”

Jim Harper
“The Bitcoin Foundation hasn’t reached its potential.”

Michael Perklin
“I do not believe the Bitcoin Foundation should interact with regulatory bodies.”

Olivier Jannsens
“Core development should be decentralized, and the Bitcoin Foundation should have no direct control over it.”

There are 595 voters this time, and a candidate still needs to get 50% of the votes, or the election runs the risk of another run-off.

The Foundation is now on its last day of the runoff. If you are eligible to vote and not voted yet, then make sure to check your registered email. The results will be available on Sunday, February 29th, 2015.