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bruce_fentonWe have reached out to the candidates for the upcoming Bitcoin Foundation Elections and asked each candidate a set of questions. In the interest of fairness, all candidates were asked the same questions at the same time, and all responses (that did respond) have been received before the publication of this first article.

Bruce Fenton

Is a Bitcoiner, traveller & freedom loving techno geek. Founder of the Atlantic Financial & Boston Gulf Advisors Group and Board member of the Bitcoin Association.

He is running for one of the Individual Director seats of the Bitcoin Foundation.

Tell us a little about your involvement in the Cryptocurrency (or related) sector?

I’m an active speaker in the Bitcoin space as well as an investor and advisor. I also was one of the founders of the Bitcoin Association. I’m a life member of the Bitcoin Foundation and very passionate about the space. Prior to bitcoin my background is in financial services. I founded an early web pioneer in the investment space and focus on emerging markets and emerging technology.

What is your primary reason for running for a Director seat?

I believe the Bitcoin Foundation can serve as a positive influence that benefits Bitcoin.  I believe it can be improved and I would like to help do so. Specific areas would be increased transparency, decentralization and member engagement.

How do you plan to achieve this goal?

I am supportive of transparent crowdfunding style funding when possible over top down funding directives. We should also have more active member engagement.

Once achieved what would be your secondary aim(s) as a Director?

When possible and with resources permitting I believe there can be value in educating, communicating with and challenging regulators. I absolutely do not support asking for regulation or assisting with laws placing limits on Bitcoin. I do think there is value in educating government officials about how this technology works and in challenging those like Ben Lawsky who have proven to be our enemy.

What are your thoughts on the free market?

I am a supporter of free market economics and personal freedom in general. I believe the only legitimate uses of force against another are when one has violated the life, liberty or property of another or is a threat to do so.

Should there be interaction from the Foundation with regulatory bodies?

Yes, when limited to dealing with honest actors and education. Not supporting those who harm us.

What is your reasoning for the above answer?

There are some regulators who can benefit from education and knowledge about the technology, it is valid to interact with these groups. Those who seek to stop or limit Bitcoin should be fought.

What do you think about alternative coins?

Unlike many people I do not have a particular major problem with them. There are ideas for coins which could serve entirely different purposes than Bitcoin and these have a valid need.

What do think about the international efforts of the Foundation?

Bitcoin is international and the Bitcoin Foundation should be an international organization.

What is your contact information for interested parties?



Candidate Thread: Bruce Fenton



The Distributed Opinion:

Is there anything else relevant you would like to mention?

I’ve spent over 20 years dealing with new markets and new technology ams building consensus and furthering partnerships all over the world. I speak my mind, seek to make friends and allies but am also not afraid of a fight.  I love this technology and believe that together we can use it to change the world.  I appreciate your vote and support.

We at would like to thank Bruce for taking the time out to reply to us and to wish him luck for the upcoming elections!

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Continue to follow us for more updates and interviews as we move closer to the election date.

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Joel Dalais

Joel loves Bitcoin and Digital Currency. He holds a BSc (hons) in Criminology with Criminal Justice Studies and Sociology, contributes for Bitcoin Magazine, is an Ambassador for Coloured Coins, Software tester and Advises for GreenCoinX and MultiSigX, and is Director of IBWT ("In Bitcoin We Trust"), a Digital Currency Exchange.