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Forget Brett Rypien – the Denver Broncos Should Rotate QBs

Published September 29, 2020 11:00 PM
James Dudko
Published September 29, 2020 11:00 PM
  • The Denver Broncos have named Brett Rypien starting QB.
  • Vic Fangio would be better off rotating Rypien and Jeff Driskel while Drew Lock is injured. The Broncos have alternated quarterbacks before.
  • Switching things up under center would add interest to Week 4’s game against another 0-3 team, the New York Jets.

The Denver Broncos need to forget about choosing a starter between Brett Rypien and Jeff Driskel. Instead, Vic Fangio should rotate both quarterbacks.

The idea isn’t as far-fetched as it might sound, judging by Fangio’s comments on Tuesday. Denver’s head coach confirmed Rypien will start  against the Jets but added that the Broncos “have the ability to mix Jeff (Driskel) in the game if we feel like we need to.”

Fangio is desperate for solutions at quarterback after Drew Lock was injured against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 2. Driskel stepped in, but he’s struggled, throwing two interceptions and completing just 54.69 percent  of his passes.


Swapping quarterbacks every few plays would not only help the Broncos cope while Lock recovers, it would make one of the least exciting teams in the NFL worth watching.

Denver Has Been Here Before Brett Rypien Arrived

Rotating the men under center wouldn’t be uncharted territory for the Broncos. The franchise has been here before if you go back to 1992.

Dan Reeves was the man in charge and dealing with losing John Elway to a shoulder injury. Reeves’ solution was to alternate Tommy Maddox and Shawn Moore.

Reeves shocked football’s purists by unveiling his switcheroo for the visit of the Dallas Cowboys in Week 14. The Broncos’ official website contains details of how the unorthodox plan played out :

It got a bit awkward when the Broncos needed to run the two-minute offense. When that happened, each quarterback was given multiple plays, so he could stay on the field until the clock stopped. With the Broncos trailing 31-27, Maddox ran two plays, Moore two, Maddox one, Moore two and Maddox the last one — an interception by Cowboys cornerback Kenneth Gant with 1:16 left that squashed the upset threat. Maddox threw three touchdowns, but had four interceptions. Moore avoided the big mistakes and brought the threat of the run.

Reeves had changed his quarterback on every play. The Broncos lost 31-27 to the would-be Super Bowl Champs before the QB carousel again failed a week later against AFC kingpin the Buffalo Bills.

Denver has experience with alternating starting quarterbacks. | Source: Twitter 

Two defeats is hardly a glowing endorsement for the idea. But the Broncos lost to the two teams who would play in Super Bowl XXVII. Reeves’ team was also entertaining in defeat.

Only Trevor Lawrence Should Be Interested in TNF

The entertainment factor for the Jets and Broncos is already on the floor. Both are 0-3. Both are blighted by poor quarterback play.

Only Trevor Lawrence should have any serious interest in events this Thursday. He’ll likely be watching one of the teams that are going to draft him next year.

Lawrence to the lowly Jets already seems like a foregone conclusion. | Source: Twitter 

The prospective No. 1 pick in the 2022 NFL draft may not be able to avoid New York. Both the Jets and Giants are winless and only looking good to hold the top pick, but the Broncos may have something to say about that.

Denver entered this season with high expectations, but Lock’s injury and losing Von Miller for the season have meant reality has crashed in hard.

There isn’t much to like about an offense stuck in neutral. Alternating signal-callers may be the spark Fangio’s team needs.

It would at least put some curious eyes on the Broncos, and by extension, the Jets, if only for a while.

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