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Two-time Superbowl MVP Eli Manning has been benched for rookie Daniel Jones. Fortunately for Manning, he’s one of the highest paid players ever. | Credit: AFP/Emilee Chinn

With his new role as a benchwarmer, Eli Manning will have some time to reflect. One thing he might think about is the ridiculous amount of money he’s made. The two-time Super Bowl champion will likely end the year as the highest-paid football player of all-time.

Mannings Make the Money Stack

According to Business Insider, Eli Manning has already made $235.3 million in his career. Assuming he doesn’t retire before the end of the season, Manning will make another $17 million, bringing his career total to $252.3 million. He will become the highest-earning player in NFL history by surpassing, you guessed it—his brother Peyton.

Peyton retired from the NFL with a career total of $248.7 million in earnings. To be fair, he did leave $19 million on the table when he retired from the Denver Broncos one year early. Eli will make more than quarterbacks like Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, and Aaron Rodgers who are perennially considered elite. Even though his name comprises more than half of the word, Eli is rarely considered elite.

Eli’s Inconsistent Track Record

While he will be remembered for snatching two improbable Super Bowls from Brady and the juggernaut New England Patriots, Eli will also be remembered for his inconsistencies. He’s thrown more interceptions (241) than anyone currently playing in the NFL. That includes Tom Brady, who’s played four more seasons than him. Manning will fittingly end his starting career with a 116-116 overall record. Not bad for a pretty good QB. Not great for the highest-paid player of all-time.

It’s easy to forgive him for his shortcomings when he makes plays like this:

A New Era in New York

At age 38, Manning’s inconsistencies have finally caught up to him. According to ESPN, since the Giants’ Super Bowl XLVI win, no quarterback has lost more games, thrown more interceptions, or committed more turnovers than Eli Manning.  After two lackluster games to start the season, coach Pat Shurmur has decided to start rookie quarterback Daniel Jones.

Eli Manning
Eli Manning has had a rough time since 2012. | Screenshot from espn.com

Jones was drafted 6th overall out of Duke in last year’s draft. He had an impressive preseason, completing 85% of his passes with two touchdowns and no interceptions. Jones signed a four-year/ $25.6 million deal in July. Jones, with second-year star running back Saquon Barkley, could give Giants fans something to be excited about. 

While Manning has given his fanbase plenty to be excited about over the years, it’s time for him to get excited about spending that money.

This article was edited by Gerelyn Terzo.

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