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Natalie Brunell Interview: Coin Stories Podcaster On ETFs, BTC Price Momentum And Women Empowerment In Crypto

Last Updated February 6, 2024 2:03 PM
Andrew Kamsky
Last Updated February 6, 2024 2:03 PM

Natalie Brunell, the host of the top woman-led Bitcoin show, “Coin Stories,” has established herself as a prominent Bitcoin influencer and advocate for digital gold technology. 

With her extensive involvement in crypto and dedication to empowering women, CCN Writer Andrew Kamsky interviewed Natalie to fully understand her insights on various aspects of the Bitcoin fundamentals as the crypto industry moves in 2024. 

During the interview, Natalie discussed the impact of Bitcoin ETFs and the importance of effective marketing for Bitcoin ETFs post-halving. Natalie also gave a heartwarming opinion on why she doesn’t care about the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto and her mission to help educate and onboard women in crypto space. Brunell explained how women tend to one another, so she feels that more women in the space is a net benefit for women and the crypto space. 

Here are the key highlights of the topics discussed during the conversation:

“BlackRock And Fidelity Likely To Win Bitcoin ETF Race,” Says Natalie Brunell 

Natalie Brunell believes that “Bitcoin ETFs are a positive development for the cryptocurrency space.” She sees them as a means to onboard everyday individuals who may be interested in Bitcoin but lack the technical knowledge to set up wallets and seed phrases. 

Natalie explained how ETFs will now provide opportunities for institutions like Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and pension funds to invest in Bitcoin without direct ownership, thus broadening Bitcoin accessibility worldwide. 

“I think Blackrock and Fidelity will likely be the two winners in this space”, says Natalie Brunell.

She does not believe that the ETF will harm Bitcoin’s decentralization but rather will just make it more accessible and available to the masses. Institutions, moms and pop investors, and pensioners will now have access to Bitcoin, according to Brunell.

Brunell also highlighted the importance of marketing for Bitcoin ETFs that will play a significant role in driving ETFs’ adoption.

Natalie’s Thoughts On Bitcoin’s Price Momentum Post-Halving

Natalie Brunell predicts that Bitcoin’s price will experience significant growth after the halving. 

“Historically, Bitcoin’s price reached a new all-time high approximately nine to twelve months after each halving event so we think that the same will happen again especially with the adoption of the Bitcoin ETFs” says Natalie Brunell.

This trend, combined with increasing institutional interest, fuels her optimism for the future of Bitcoin. 

“Bitcoin Promises Hope And Freedom,” Says Natalie Brunell

According to Natalie, Bitcoin’s main fundamentals, such as decentralization, remain intact even with the introduction of ETFs. She views “Bitcoin as a symbol of freedom, hope, and sovereignty” explaining that she is a supporter of digital gold and not any other altcoin out there.

Natalie emphasizes that “Bitcoin stands out as the most decentralized cryptocurrency compared to altcoins.” 

She also believes that this decentralization is a huge factor in Bitcoin’s success and longevity. However, she doesn’t offer any opinion on altcoins ETFs, though.

Natalie Brunell’s Mission: Educating Women About Bitcoin

It is no secret that Brunell is an advocate for women entering crypto space. She runs a “Women of Bitcoin Brunch” campaign, aiming to educate and empower women to invest in Bitcoin. 

She asserts that “Bitcoin represents a secure and low-risk long-term asset. My goal is to educate and address any misunderstanding that women might have about Bitcoin. I want to create a space for women to learn more about how Bitcoin is actually one of the least risky assets in which women can store their wealth.

Natalie has organized a series of ‘Women of Bitcoin’ events, including an annual brunch attended by hundreds of women. The next event will be held in Madeira, Portugal at the Bitcoin Atlantis conference, followed by Women of Bitcoin 2024  in Nashville this July.

“Women are inherently savers and can preserve their wealth in Bitcoin with education,” says Natalie Brunell.

Second annual Women of Bitcoin Brunch at the 2023 Bitcoin Conference.
Second Annual Women of Bitcoin Brunch at the 2023 Bitcoin Conference.

Why Natalie Brunell Doesn’t Care About Satoshi Nakamoto’s Identity

Natalie does not concern herself with the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. She believes that “Bitcoin has evolved beyond the need for its creator and that focusing on Satoshi’s identity is not essential for the growth of the network.”

In her perspective, Bitcoin serves as a source of hope and a pathway to sovereignty, presenting itself as a formidable force that helps individuals to achieve the freedom to pursue personal aspirations and passions in life.

In her view, Natalie holds the belief that our world is characterized by ego and selfishness. She considers Bitcoin “ In a world saturated with ego and selfishness, Satoshi stands out as someone devoid of these vices. Rather than claiming credit for the creation of Bitcoin, Satoshi chose to bestow it upon the world and then gracefully withdrew from the spotlight”.

She elaborated on Satoshi’s altruism, portraying them as “a pure and egoless individual for such a selfless act.” Consequently, she has ceased questioning Satoshi’s identity, content with the current state of anonymity.

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