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How To Earn Crypto Playing Splinterlands: A Step-by-Step Guide

Published July 3, 2024 9:41 AM
Andrew Kamsky
Published July 3, 2024 9:41 AM

Key Takeaways

  • Splinterlands is a Web3 trading card game combining the action of card collecting with opportunities to earn real rewards. 
  • Splinterlands merges gaming with financial opportunities, appealing to gamers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
  • Players can earn in-game currencies like Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) and Splintershards (SPS) through gameplay.
  • The Splinterlands community is active and offers many resources for new and experienced players.

Blockchain games utilize blockchain technology to provide secure, transparent, and decentralized gaming experiences. They offer true ownership of in-game assets to players because such assets can be traded or sold for real value.

In 2024, the rise of NFTs, widespread cryptocurrency adoption, and a growing desire for player-driven economies make blockchain games an attractive option for gamers seeking both entertainment and monetary rewards.

This article explores Splinterlands, a blockchain-based trading card game, detailing its play-to-earn model, gameplay strategies, and the economic potential of its in-game assets and currencies.

What Is Splinterlands? Blockchain-Based Trading Card Game, Explained

Splinterlands is a blockchain-based trading card game where players collect, trade, and battle with digital cards, where each card is represented as an NFT on the blockchain. The game’s Play-to-Earn (P2E) model enables players to earn Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) and Splintershards (SPS), the in-game currencies, through winning battles, completing quests, and participating in tournaments.


Splinterlands’ model to allow players to buy, sell, and trade cards not only improves the gaming experience yet also attracts players looking to earn while they play. Splinterlands’ engaging gameplay, combined with its digital economy, makes the game a standout in the field of blockchain gaming.

Getting Started With Splinterlands

Step 1: Account Creation

Creating a Splinterlands account can be done as follows:

  • Visit the Splinterlands website and click on the “Sign Up” button.
  • Enter an email address and create a password.
  • Confirm the email address by clicking on the verification link sent to the inbox.
  • Link the account to a compatible wallet such as MetaMask or Hive Keychain to secure assets and enable transactions.

Step 2: Acquiring Cards

There are several ways to obtain cards in Splinterlands:

Buying: Purchase cards from the in-game marketplace using DEC or other supported currencies.

Renting: Rent cards from other players to use in battles without making a full purchase.

Earning: Win cards through gameplay by participating in battles, completing quests, and earning reward chests.

Cards Available
Cards Available

Step 3: Building Your Deck

Constructing a powerful deck involves:

  • Balancing: Include a mix of attack, defense, and support cards to handle various situations.
  • Synergy: Choose cards that complement each other’s abilities for enhanced performance.
  • Flexibility: Build multiple decks to adapt to different battle conditions and rule sets.

How To Play And Earn In Splinterlands

Method 1: Game Modes

Splinterlands offers several game modes:

  • Ranked Battles: Compete against other players to climb the leaderboard and earn rewards.
  • Tournaments: Join scheduled tournaments for a chance to win significant prizes.
  • Quests: Complete daily and seasonal quests to earn additional rewards.

Method 2: Winning Battles

To win battles:

  • Card Combinations: Experiment with different card combinations to find the most effective strategies.
  • Tactics: Pay attention to limits and rule sets for each battle to choose the optimal cards.
  • Opponent Analysis: Study opponents’ previous battles to anticipate their strategy and counter it.

Method 3: Rewards System

Players can earn various rewards in Splinterlands:

  • Dark Energy Crystals (DEC): Earn DEC through battles and quests.
  • Cards: Receive new cards as rewards from quests and loot chests.
  • Splintershards (SPS): Earn SPS by staking and participating in the governance of the game.

Advanced Strategies For Maximizing Earnings When Playing Splinterlands

Card Rentals

Rent out unused cards to other players to generate passive income. Set competitive rental prices based on market demand.


Join guilds to access additional rewards and collaborative gameplay opportunities. Participate in guild brawls and events for exclusive benefits.

SPS Staking

Stake SPS tokens to gain governance rights and earn staking rewards. Reinvest staking rewards to maximize long-term gains.

Trading Cards

Explore the Splinterlands marketplace to buy, sell, and trade cards. Analyze market trends to make profitable trades and optimize a card collection.

Splinterlands Economy And Investment Potential

DEC (Dark Energy Crystals)

DEC is the primary in-game currency in Splinterlands, used for various transactions within the ecosystem. Players earn DEC through battles, quests, and tournaments that they actively have to participate in. DEC can be spent on purchasing cards, packs, and other in-game items. 

Additionally, DEC can be traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges, providing liquidity and potential for value appreciation.

SPS (Splintershards)

SPS is the governance token of Splinterlands, giving holders voting rights on important game decisions. 

Beyond governance, SPS has investment potential. As the game grows and attracts more players, the demand for SPS could increase, leading to potential value appreciation.

Card Values

Several factors influence the value of cards in Splinterlands:

  • Rarity: Rare and legendary cards are typically more valuable due to their scarcity.
  • Utility: Cards that offer strategic advantages in battles are in higher demand.
  • Historical Significance: Older cards from previous editions can become valuable collectibles.
  • Market Trends: Fluctuations in player demand and overall market conditions can affect card prices. Investing in high-value cards can yield significant returns, especially if the game’s popularity continues to rise.

Tips And Tricks For Splinterlands Success

Daily Focus Chest

Maximize rewards by focusing on daily gameplay:

  • Complete Quests: Finish daily and seasonal quests to earn chests containing DEC, cards, and other rewards.
  • Consistent Play: Engage in regular gameplay to accumulate more chests and enhance earning potential.

Card Combinations

Discover powerful synergies between different cards and splinters:

  • Experiment: Try various combinations to find effective strategies.
  • Balance: Include a mix of offensive, defensive, and support cards.
  • Adapt: Adjust the deck based on battle conditions and opponents’ strategies.

Community Engagement

Participate in the vibrant Splinterlands community:

  • Forums and Social Media: Join discussions on forums and social media platforms to gain insights and strategies.
  • Content Creators: Follow YouTube channels and blogs for tips and tutorials.
  • Guilds: Join guilds to collaborate with other players, share strategies, and earn additional rewards through guild activities.


Splinterlands offers a unique blend of gaming and financial opportunity, making it an attractive option for both avid gamers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. By understanding its economy, leveraging game strategies, and engaging with the community, players can maximize their enjoyment and potential earnings. 

Whether you are new to blockchain games or an experienced player, Splinterlands provides a dynamic environment where strategic play and smart investments can lead to substantial rewards. Dive into this innovative game, build your deck, and join the vibrant community to start your Splinterlands journey today.


How can I start earning crypto in Splinterlands without spending any money?

While some methods exist to earn small amounts in Splinterlands without direct spending, like participating in giveaways or tournaments, consistent earnings typically require investing in a Summoner’s Spellbook and cards.


What are the different ways to earn DEC (Dark Energy Crystals) in Splinterlands?

One can earn DEC in Splinterlands by winning ranked battles, completing daily quests, participating in tournaments, or selling cards and items on the marketplace.

How does renting out my Splinterlands cards generate passive income?

Renting out your unused Splinterlands cards to other players allows you to earn DEC passively as rental income, especially if you own high-demand or powerful cards.

What are Splintershards (SPS), and how can I earn and utilize them?

Splintershards (SPS) are the governance tokens of Splinterlands, earned through staking, airdrops, or playing. They grant voting rights on proposals and can be staked for additional rewards.

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