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What Is Hamster Kombat: A Beginner’s Guide To Telegram Tap-To-Earn Game

Last Updated June 25, 2024 1:14 PM
Andrew Kamsky
Last Updated June 25, 2024 1:14 PM

Key Takeaways

  • Hamster Kombat is a popular tap-to-earn game on Telegram that has taken the crypto community by storm.
  • Participants assume the role of a hamster CEO, tasked with growing their exchange to the pinnacle of the industry. 
  • By tapping on their screens, players accumulate in-game coins that can be used to acquire upgrades for their exchanges. Playing Hamster Kombat is free, with optional in-game purchases.
  • The game’s creators have unveiled plans to introduce a native token and conduct an airdrop on The Open Network (TON), a blockchain platform.

Blockchain-based games utilize blockchain technology to create decentralized, transparent, and secure gaming environments. Players can engage with games in ways that help them to earn and trade cryptocurrency or NFTs, granting true ownership, rarity, and the ability to monetize in-game assets.

This article introduces what Hamster Kombat is, a viral Telegram crypto game where players can manage a virtual exchange and earn real cryptocurrency rewards. 

Introduction To Hamster Kombat

Hamster Kombat is a Telegram-based crypto game that has quickly become a sensation. Launched in July 2024, the game leverages Telegram mini apps to provide an engaging experience where players take on the role of a hamster CEO of a fictional crypto exchange.  But, what is Hamster Kombat all about?

The game’s purpose is to combine strategic gameplay with real-world cryptocurrency rewards. Players can look forward to an upcoming token launch and airdrop, leveraging the excitement and potential for earning real cryptocurrency. Hamster Kombat’s integration with Telegram  allows for easy gameplay and easy access for its growing user base.

Hamster Kombat
Hamster Kombat

Who Created Hamster Kombat

Now that we are all aware of Hamster Kombat let’s explore who is behind this viral game. Hamster Kombat was created by a team of innovative developers and blockchain enthusiasts who saw the potential of combining engaging gameplay with the world of cryptocurrency. 

Drawing inspiration from the success of the Notcoin clicker game , they aimed to create a unique experience that merges strategic management of a virtual crypto exchange with the fun and excitement of earning real-world rewards. 

The development team has focused on Telegram’s mini apps to offer easy accessibility and ease of use to its gamers, positioning Hamster Kombat to capitalize on the growing interest in play-to-earn games and blockchain technology.

What Is Tap-To-Earn Gaming Model

The tap-to-earn gaming model is a simple yet somewhat addictive gameplay mechanism where players repeatedly tap on the screen to perform actions that earn in-game rewards. 

These actions range from mining virtual currencies to completing specific tasks. The model is designed to be easy to understand and engaging, making it accessible to a wider audience. 

It often integrates real-world cryptocurrency rewards, providing players with tangible incentives for participation and effort. The model has gained popularity due to its straightforward mechanics and the potential for players to earn actual money or valuable digital assets through consistent gameplay.

Key Features Of Hamster Kombat

Some of the key features of Hamster Kombat include:

  • Play-to-earn model: Earn HMSTR coins by participating in battles and completing in-game tasks.
  • Daily combo promotion: Earn 5 million in-game coins by investing in specific daily upgrades.
  • NFT integration: Each hamster in the game is an NFT, allowing for trading and selling on the marketplace.
  • Real-world crypto market simulation: Manage a virtual cryptocurrency exchange, mirroring real-world crypto movements.
  • Referral system: Earn additional rewards by inviting friends to join the game.
  • Adorable Hamster characters: Choose from a variety of cute hamster characters, each with unique abilities.
  • Customization options: Personalize your hamster with different outfits, accessories, and weapons.
  • Intense combat action: Engage in fast-paced battles in dynamic arenas filled with obstacles.
  • Multiplayer mode: Challenge friends or other players globally in online multiplayer battles.
Hamster Kombat Interface
Hamster Kombat Interface

How To Play Hamster Kombat

Here’s  how to earn in Hamster Kombat by playing the game:

Step 1: Create A Telegram Account

Download the Telegram app from the App Store or Google Play Store and set up an account if a user doesn’t already have one. Hamster Kombat’s Telegram link can be found here .

Step 2: Access The Hamster Kombat Bot

Search for the Hamster Kombat bot in Telegram or use the provided link. Click the Start button to begin.

Step 3: Complete Registration

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration process and to set up the individual profile.

Step 4: Tap-To-Earn

Tap on the digital hamster to mine Hamster coins. This simple action forms the basis of the game.

Step 5: Upgrade Your Exchange

Use the Hamster coins to earn upgrades to a virtual cryptocurrency exchange, where gamers will increase coin-earning potential and unlock new features within the game.

Step 6: Participate In Daily Combos

Invest in specific upgrades each day to earn significant bonuses, like 5 million free in-game HMSTR coins. 

Step 7: Complete Daily Cipher Missions

The game then may engage in daily cipher special missions to earn an additional 1 million coins daily. Missions can vary from simple tasks to more complex challenges.

Step 8: Use Boosts

Apply boosts to increase tapping productivity and raise the energy limit. Gamers may claim six free daily boosts to earn more coins.

Step 9: Earn Daily Bonuses

Log in daily and complete specific tasks to earn bonuses.

Step 10: Participate In Referral Program

Invite friends to join the game and earn additional rewards, significantly boosting earnings.

How To Convert And Withdraw Hamster Kombat Coins (HMSTR)

 To understand how to exchange Hamster Kombat coin, one must be familiar with the process of converting and withdrawing HMSTR coins. The steps involved in this process are as follows: 

Step 1: Link Your TON Wallet

The user will need to ensure that the cryptocurrency wallet is linked to the Hamster Kombat account. One can use a TON-based wallet like Tonkeeper or the wallet integrated within Telegram.

Step 2: Convert In-Game Coins To HMSTR Tokens

The user can then follow the game’s instructions to convert in-game coins into HMSTR tokens. Here the user will make sure the wallet is properly linked and verified.

Step 3: Withdraw Tokens

Use a TON-based wallet like Tonkeeper to manage and withdraw HMSTR tokens. It is important for the user to have some TON coins to cover gas fees, which are usually charged at a minimum.

Step 4: Sell Tokens

Once the HMSTR tokens are listed on exchanges, one can sell them directly for other tokens. Gamers must be prepared and understand the process beforehand to take advantage of potential price pumps immediately after listing.

How To Participate In The Hamster Kombat Airdrop

To participate in the Hamster Kombat airdrop, one can:

Play The Game

The gamer must create a Telegram account to access the Hamster Kombat bot. The gamer must then engage in gameplay tapping to earn coins and upgrading the virtual cryptocurrency exchange.

Earn In-Game Coins

The user must then actively participate in daily tasks, missions, and a referral program to maximize coin earnings.

Accumulate Coins

The more coins collected, the more tokens will likely be received during the airdrop. Coins can be earned through active gameplay and by using boosts to improve earnings.

Link TON Wallet

The gamer must set up and connect the TON wallet to the Hamster game on Telegram. Followed by the action to open the Hamster Kombat bot, navigate into the airdrop tab at the bottom right corner, and click the first task to connect the TON wallet.

Step 5: Join The Hamster Kombat Telegram Community

The user must join the Hamster Kombat Telegram channel to stay updated on new tasks listed in this section from the game’s developers in the coming days and weeks.

By following these steps, participation in the airdrop is ensured and potential rewards from Hamster Kombat can be maximized.

Is Hamster Kombat Safe? Key Risks To Watch Out

While Hamster Kombat’s popularity has surged, it’s important to be aware of several key risks associated with the game:

  • Data privacy concerns: The game operates on Telegram, raising questions about the security and privacy of user data. Some reports suggest that the game’s developers may be based in Russia, which could raise additional concerns for players in certain regions.
  • Regulatory risks: The regulatory landscape surrounding cryptocurrency and play-to-earn games is constantly evolving. There’s a possibility that governments could impose restrictions or bans on such games, impacting the future of Hamster Kombat and its potential rewards.
  • Volatility of crypto rewards: The value of any cryptocurrency, including the future Hamster Kombat token, can be highly volatile. There’s no guarantee that the rewards earned in the game will hold any real-world value in the future.
  • Uncertain future: While the developers have announced plans for a token launch and airdrop, there’s no guarantee that these plans will come to fruition. The future of Hamster Kombat and its potential rewards remains uncertain.
  • Scam potential: As with any popular online platform, there’s always the risk of scams and fraudulent activity. Players should be cautious of any offers that seem too good to be true or require them to share sensitive personal information.

Regulatory Concerns Around Hamster Kombat

To understand if Hamster Kombat is legit, one must be aware of the regulatory concerns around it. Hamster game, like many blockchain-based games, faces potential regulatory scrutiny due to the integration of cryptocurrency and NFTs. Authorities may raise concerns about financial regulations, such as anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) requirements, given the real-world value of in-game tokens. 

Additionally, the game’s tap-to-earn model and token trading could be subject to securities laws , depending on the jurisdiction. Making sure the game follows compliance with regulations is important for the game’s long-term success and legitimacy. The developers must navigate these legal landscapes carefully to prevent potential legal issues and maintain user trust.

For instance, the Iranian Cyber Police have reported numerous cases of fraud associated with the game. Scammers have exploited its popularity by selling fake game cards or codes that supposedly guarantee daily coin bonuses. This has led to significant financial losses for many players, raising concerns about consumer protection and the need for regulatory oversight.

The game operates on Telegram, a messaging platform with servers located outside Iran. This raises concerns about the security and privacy of user data, as well as potential difficulties for Iranian authorities to monitor and regulate the game’s activities.


Hamster Kombat highlights the innovative intersection of gaming and cryptocurrency, because it offers a unique tap-to-earn experience on Telegram. It also enables gamers to manage a virtual crypto exchange as a hamster CEO, where players engage in strategic gameplay while earning real-world rewards. 

With features like daily combos, NFT integration, and airdrop launch, Hamster game is likely to capitalize on growing interest within blockchain-based games. However, navigating regulatory landscapes will be crucial for its sustained success. As the game continues to evolve, it promises exciting opportunities for players to monetize their in-game efforts and participate in the expanding world of crypto gaming.


How do I earn HMSTR tokens?

Earn HMSTR tokens by winning battles, completing tasks, participating in events, and engaging in airdrop campaigns.

Is it possible to trade HMSTR tokens?

Yes, HMSTR tokens can be traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges once listed.

What are the benefits of holding HMSTR tokens?

Holding HMSTR tokens allows purchasing in-game items, upgrading hamsters, and participating in staking for additional rewards.

Is there a cost to start playing Hamster Kombat?

No, starting and signing up on the Telegram mini-app is free, but some in-game items may require HMSTR tokens.

What is the Hamster Kombat launch date?

Hamster Kombat launched on March 25, 2024, on the Telegram messaging app. It quickly gained popularity and became a viral sensation within the crypto gaming community.

Is Hamster Kombat real or fake?

Hamster Kombat is indeed a real play-to-earn game. It is not a scam or a fake project, as evidenced by its massive user base and growing ecosystem.

How to earn in Hamster Kombat?

You can earn in Hamster Kombat by actively clicking within the game to accumulate in-game currency. This currency can then be used to purchase upgrades and boosters, increasing your hourly profit.

How to exchange Hamster Kombat coin?

Hamster Kombat’s token (HMSTR) is expected to launch in July 2024. Once launched, you will be able to exchange HMSTR on various cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms that support the TON blockchain.

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