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Crypto Pulse ChatGPT Plugin: Overview, Use Cases And Prompts

Last Updated November 16, 2023 10:32 AM
Alisha Bains
Last Updated November 16, 2023 10:32 AM

Key Takeaways

  • Crypto Pulse hopes to offer real-time news updates, market impact analysis, and serve as an educational resource.
  • Crypto Pulse ChatGPT plugin is valuable for both seasoned investors and newcomers, providing insights and educational value.
  • Crypto Pulse ChatGPT plugin can be accessed through ChatGPT Plus subscription, enabling easy browsing and installation via the Plugin Store.
  • The news and analyses provided by the Crypto Pulse ChatGPT Plugin appeared to be significantly outdated, contradicting the plugin’s claim of delivering real-time updates.

Crypto Pulse ChatGPT Plugin, Explained

CryptoPulse is a tool that analyzes and decodes the most recent news about cryptocurrencies and its possible effects on the market to offer insights into this field. 

For both novices and seasoned cryptocurrency fans, Crypto Pulse is a priceless resource. It acts as a quick information center for seasoned investors, guaranteeing they don’t overlook important updates that could affect their trading tactics. 

In addition, the plugin serves as a learning tool for newcomers to the cryptocurrency field by offering context and explanations for a range of news stories and market trends.

With real-time research, summaries, and breaking news alerts, the Crypto Pulse plugin helps users understand market dynamics, make better decisions, and remain ahead in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency space.

Use Cases Of Crypto Pulse ChatGPT Plugin

Here are some of the primary use cases of Crypto Pulse ChatGPT Plugin:

Real-Time Crypto News

Keep yourself informed on the most recent events and advancements in the cryptocurrency space. Instant news updates are available to users, bringing them up to date on industry developments, legislative changes, new initiatives, and technical breakthroughs.

Market Impact Analysis

Analyze the possible effects of breaking news on the cryptocurrency markets with Market Impact Analysis. Real-time analysis is provided by the plugin, which sheds light on how particular news could impact the values of several cryptocurrencies or the market overall.

Informed Investment Decisions

Users can make better investment decisions if they have access to up-to-date, thorough information. Users can improve the way they allocate their money by utilizing the insights gleaned from the plugin’s analysis of news events.

Prevent Missing Important Announcements

The plugin makes sure users don’t overlook important announcements or developments in the cryptocurrency world. Users don’t need to constantly check different sources to stay on top of significant events because real-time notifications or summaries are delivered.

Educational Tool

The plugin is a useful tool for people who are learning about cryptocurrency. It helps people comprehend the relevance of changes in the cryptocurrency ecosystem by giving context and explanations for a variety of news items.

How To Install Crypto Pulse Plugin?

To access the plugin options in ChatGPT, users need to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus. Upon logging in, they can find the model selection dropdown at the top of the page. The “Plugins” option becomes visible after selecting the desired model.

If no plugins are added, users can click the Plugins dropdown menu on the right and opt for “Plugin Store.” Within the Plugin Store, users can browse and select the desired plugins, then click “Install” to add them.

Multiple plugins can be installed simultaneously. After installation, the plugin logos will appear under “Plugins,” indicating a successful addition.

Example Prompts To Test Crypto Pulse ChatGPT Plugin

Decode The Latest Crypto News And Its Market Impact

Here’s ChatGPT’s response:

ChatGPT's response
Fig: ChatGPT’s response
Fig: ChatGPT's response
Fig: ChatGPT’s response
Fig: ChatGPT’s response

What Are The Recent Developments In Cryptocurrencies?  

Here’s ChatGPT’s response:

What Are The Recent Developments In Cryptocurrencies?
Fig: ChatGPT’s response

Shortcomings Of Crypto Pulse ChatGPT Plugin

ChatGPT’s Crypto Pulse plugin promises to be a complete resource for fetching the latest trends and movements in the cryptocurrency market. In a few crucial areas, though, its performance falls short of expectations.

The promise that Crypto Pulse offers real-time information is one of its main selling points. However, the real-time updates provided by the plugin feel a little slow. It became clear from using it that the upgrades were not as quick as promised.

Indeed, when the plugin was tested using the above prompts, the news and analyses received were from November 2nd, which went against its purported real-time functionality. This disparity raises concerns, particularly for analysts and users looking for real-time information to make timely investment choices in the volatile cryptocurrency market.

Furthermore, the delay in delivering current information significantly hampers the plugin’s effectiveness. In an environment where split-second decisions can impact investment outcomes, such lag can be a drawback for users relying on the plugin for instant, accurate updates.

Is Using ChatGPT Plugins Legal?

It is permissible to use the ChatGPT plugins that OpenAI offers on their platform. OpenAI has created and made available these plugins as a part of their service to improve and personalize user experiences within their ecosystem.

But when it comes to using OpenAI’s plugins, you have to follow their terms of service and usage policies. It means that users only use the plugins within the approved framework and refrain from engaging in any illegal or policy-violating activity.

Additionally, although it is fine to use plugins within the ChatGPT platform, users should exercise caution when utilizing any third-party tools or external plugins that they may integrate into their systems or employ in addition to the platform. Maintaining the legality of these external plugins’ usage requires making sure they don’t violate any terms of service or regulatory requirements.

The key to guaranteeing legal compliance is ultimately using the ChatGPT plugins that OpenAI provides, according to their requirements, and remaining within the law when integrating further tools or plugins.


Crypto Pulse within ChatGPT displays potential as a valuable tool for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Despite its real-time functionality not meeting expectations during testing, its comprehensive insights and educational value remain evident. 

The plugin’s ability to decode news and offer market analysis, though currently facing delays in delivering up-to-date information, can still assist users in understanding trends and making informed decisions. 

With improvements to ensure truly real-time updates, Crypto Pulse could become an indispensable asset in navigating the dynamic cryptocurrency landscape, empowering users with timely and accurate insights for more confident investment strategies. 


What is the Crypto Pulse ChatGPT plugin?
Crypto Pulse analyzes recent cryptocurrency news and its market impact, providing insights for users, be they beginners or experienced investors.

How to install the Crypto Pulse plugin?
Subscribing to ChatGPT Plus grants access to the Plugin Store, allowing users to install the Crypto Pulse plugin and others seamlessly.

Is using ChatGPT plugins legal?
Yes, using ChatGPT plugins within OpenAI’s platform is permissible, provided users adhere to OpenAI’s terms of service and guidelines.

What are the shortcomings of Crypto Pulse?
The plugin claims real-time updates but demonstrates delays in providing current information, impacting its usefulness for time-sensitive investment decisions.




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