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DevCore London – What Was it Like?

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:43 PM
Joel Dalais
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:43 PM

Now, I am not a techy, but probably can be considered tech savvy. But I attended the DevCore London  and took the opportunity to interview Patrick and Gavin in London during DevCore, what some people consider as the capital of global finance.

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The overall atmosphere was cosy and friendly; the DevCore event was sold out. Everyone seemed to be greatly enjoying the event and conversing with each other during the breaks. I also had the opportunity to grab Mike Hearn for an interview, but he has escaped me for now.

I was late, as is an unfortunate habit, not thinking that DevCore was being held in the huge building above me as I came out from an underground passage, and I walked the opposite way.

When I did arrive, 30 minutes late, Gavin was giving a presentation, so I snuck in and took a seat nearest the door I had just entered through.

The day that followed was full of some excellent speeches and Q & A’s, and we will be publishing summaries to these presentations and exclusive interviews from Patrick and Gavin over the following two weeks.

Blockchain.info  helped host the event, without them it would not have been such a success. Though relatively the building was huge, the room was not a large conference hall with a raised podium like I was expecting.

After the coffee break, I moved to a seat closer to the front, so if some recordings are a slightly higher volume it is because of this.

The dinner provided was lovely, and especially the desert. I highly recommend these events for the food alone. The afternoon was met with talks, workshops and some practical examples from a very speedy programming Mike Hearn.

The afternoon was met with talks, workshops and some practical examples from a very speedy Mike Hearn. A variety of expert speakers imparted their knowledge and the audience seemed to absorb every word.

The other sponsors of DevCore London were Bitnet, Coindesk, C4, Inside Bitcoins News, Coinscrum, UKDCA, Liquidity Summit, CCN.com (College Cryptocurrency Network), and the Digital Currency Council.

After the event there was a Blockchain after party, to which I was graciously invited to. We hopped into a vintage double-decker bus, paid for by Blockchain.info. Reached the location and shared some drinks and some posh treats, some drinks were shared and I chatted further with others in the cryptocurrency sector and then I got my two interviews before heading off back to Paddington for the last train back to Plymouth.

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