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A $100 Million CFTC-Registered Fund Makes Long-Term Bet on Ethereum

Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:46 PM
W. E. Messamore
Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:46 PM

By CCN.com: Bloomberg’s Matthew Leising profiled   Darma Capital. It’s a $100 million crypto fund with a bullish view on Ethereum and a visionary approach to the future of the internet. You might say they’re long Ethereum above all. The hedge fund is helping high-net-worth accredited investors to position themselves for a decade long ether bull run.

A key figure in Darma’s rise is Andrew Keys.

He announced in a press release Thursday that he’s joining Darma Capital as a managing partner. Keys was a co-founder of ConsenSys Capital, a Brooklyn-based Ethereum application developer. He brings a solid Ethereum blockchain record to the fund. Talking to Bloomberg, he compared the crypto industry today to the internet of the 1990s.

Darma Capital’s approach is based on its vision of the fundamental changes that blockchain technology has made possible. Keys argues these sweeping changes will certainly disrupt how we use the Internet. His massive hedge fund aims to capture an extraordinary amount of the value these changes will bring to markets.

Ether Bull Run Will Change Everything

In a 2018 interview at the World Economic Forum at Davos, Keys said:

“We will have a decentralized World Wide Web, and it will impact every aspect of our humanity. I’m going to be able to have peer-to-peer transactions with counter parties without a bank, or a Facebook, or an Uber, an Amazon, an eBay in the middle.”



Darma’s vision for Ethereum’s future sees enormous and lasting upside in self-sovereign identity, digital assets, and smart contracts.

Sell The Friggin’ Bubbles

Although Darma Capital is long Ethereum, its investment strategy isn’t simply buy and hold. The company is doing serious legwork to reckon with the cryptocurrency’s regular boom and bust price cycle.

Andrew Keys tweet
  Andrew Keys was a fixture at ConsenSys for the past several years. He will remain on the advisory board. | Source: Twitter

Darma’s long term plan for investing in Ethereum is to sell the bubbles for more cash to buy the dips. In February, for instance, the crypto fund launched its  first “Optimized Long” trading program. The program automatically manages digital asset portfolios for investors. The flagship product is called the “DARMA Optimized Long-ETH Fund” (DOL-ETH). In a blog post , Keys said that Darma and ConsenSys would be collaborating. He will remain on the advisory board at ConsenSys.