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Coronavirus Isolation? Minecraft is Your Jam, Not Call of Duty Warzone

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:40 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:40 PM
  • Gaming is more important than ever right now as people try to stay sane during coronavirus isolation.
  • While many are playing Call of Duty Warzone, Minecraft is much better suited to the current situation.
  • Not only does it help to keep you calm, but it doesn’t require internet access and simulates an outside world.

Now more than ever we need entertainment. While we’re all in coronavirus isolation we need to keep our minds busy with stuff. Partially so we don’t go stir crazy, and partially to drive out images of what is actually happening in the world.

For many people, entertainment means playing Call of Duty Warzone. That’s understandable. It’s a great battle royale mode and the COD series has always had a great grasp on decent gunplay. But, it’s not the best game to play during coronavirus isolation.

That accolade falls to Minecraft. Let me tell you why.

Minecraft - Coronavirus Isolation Tweet
Not only is Minecraft offline and more relaxing than Warzone, but Mojang has even started adding positive messages to the menu. | Source: Twitter 

Minecraft Is the Perfect Coronavirus Isolation Game for Various Reasons

You might wonder why Minecraft is the best game for coronavirus isolation. Especially over a brand-new, state-of-the-art game like Call of Duty Warzone. A big part of it is to do with its lack of a need to access the internet.

With networks going down left, right, and centre, it makes sense to try and play games that don’t need access to that network. Minecraft is great because you can spend hours, and hours, tinkering away at your own little worlds. No internet necessary.

Even more than that, while we’re all locked up during coronavirus isolation, it gives us a virtual outside to hang out in. You can be sat in bed, or at your PC and still wander around grassy planes to your heart content. Now if only we had ray tracing already it would look like the real outside does a bit more.

It’s Also Much Better for Tackling Your Anxiety

We already live in anxious times. Coronavirus isolation is only making people more anxious. While there is a certain therapeutic value to Call of Duty Warzones, it’s not exactly going to settle your heart rate at all. Especially if you keep losing and being shipped off to the gulag, which is a little close to home right now. Literally.

Minecraft, on the other hand, is perfect for calming you down and making you feel less anxious. It’s got the peaceful music going for it, not to mention that it can really make you zone-out and just forget the outside world. Does that not sound perfect for these dark times? Just make sure to play on creative or peaceful. Creepers probably won’t help you relax.

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