ChangeTip Now Enabled on SoundCloud

soundcloudUtilizing the public API, ChangeTip has integrated its platform with SoundCloud, the popular music and podcasting platform which recently surpassed 10 million users after roughly seven years in business.

SoundCloud is the go-to place for up-and-coming artists and podcasters.’s podcast, hosted by this journalist, utilizes the platform, which easily enables content creators to get their content to their audience. SoundCloud also serves as a sort of social network for artists, with occasional remixes happening as well as some remixes becoming more popular than the original tune. Its podcasting feature only recently came out of beta, pushing into a highly competitive, often high-price-tag market.

Podcasting itself can be worth up to a million dollars a year for a podcaster who produces the right content, at the right regularity, for the right sized audience. Advertisers are constantly on the lookout for an audience whose attention is deliverable, and podcasts seem to proving as much in a world of increasing distraction.

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Big News for Music Lovers

ChangeTip published the news that they had taken the initiative on their blog:

It’s easier than ever to support local talent, instantly delivering your donations into their account. Tweet a beer to the artist at a live event, send money direct to the artist’s page, deliver private messages on Facebook, or comment on their SoundCloud song.

Indeed, ChangeTip is now available across social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. Its relative success in the space has not been 100% well-received, with some wishing for its immediate death and others speculating that it can never earn enough to be a viable company. Initially, Coinbase had launched a competitor to ChangeTip, but eventually deferred to ChangeTip, saying:

However, another excellent tipping service in the bitcoin community, ChangeTip, has gotten some even better traction, and done a great job at pushing the tipping ecosystem forward. So today we’d like to show our support for them and encourage existing users of our tip button to migrate over to ChangeTip.

Music has brought a number of new technologies to the masses, including the MP3 and social networking via MySpace. If ChangeTip, and subsequently Bitcoin, were to experience a similar boost, it could arguably spell a much brighter future for the space overall.

Last modified: March 4, 2021 4:44 PM
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