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BitPay Announces Exclusive Trucoin ATMs for NCAA College Football Bitcoin Bowl

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:41 PM
Clay Michael Gillespie
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:41 PM

College Football Game Sponsored by Bitcoin BitPayTrucoin ATMs will be more visible soon. This past June, BitPay landed an NCAA bowl game sponsorship with ESPN. Labeling the 2014 St. Petersburg game as ‘the Bitcoin Bowl’ for the next four years, the company announced today that Trucoin is the official bitcoin ATM provider for the event.

“Trucoin’s sponsorship will facilitate the purchase of many Bowl fans’ first bitcoin. With so many merchants in St. Pete now accepting digital currency, these game attendees will be able to experience bitcoin shopping firsthand.”

The bowl game pits two teams from the Atlantic Coast Conference and the American Athletic Conference against each other on December 26. Fans, players and tourists of the St. Petersburg area now get a chance to experience bitcoin firsthand through BitPay and Trucoin.

Trucoin Bitpay Bitcoin Bowl NCAA College FootballThe ATMs are built specifically for the bitcoin bowl, making them exclusive. The Trucoin ATMs reportedly allow customers to purchase bitcoin using their debit and credit cards instantly without the hassle of traditional bank transfers.

“With interest in bitcoin growing in step with the need for an easy way to acquire it, Trucoin offers an ideal point of entry for new bitcoin users,” Bitpay said on their official blog. “The ATMs provided by Trucoin will be placed throughout the area, allowing fans and travelers to top off their wallets and enjoy the full scope of bitcoin activities in St. Petersburg.”

Bitcoin Culture Taking Over the Area Thanks to Trucoin and BitPay

Two days before the Bitcoin Bowl is underway, Madeira Beach plans to host bitcoin workshops to educate the community and interested parties. Merchants receive the opportunity to learn more about digital currency and financial acceptance.

Misty Wells, owner of the MWI Marketing and PR, commented on the positive outlook she has for the merchants along with a positive economic impact for the Bitcoin Bowl.

“The Bowl game brings millions of dollars to Pinellas County through hotels, food and beverage, tourist attractions. The city of Madeira Beach will be able to capture a fair amount of that business,” Wells said.

As the final weeks of NCAA college football approach, the story will continue to develop as BitPay, and other sponsors announce further implementations.

Images from BitPay and Shutterstock.