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Trucoin Extends Bitcoin Buying Service to 27 States

Carter Graydon
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:40 PM

credit cards trucoinToday, Trucoin announced that they have added over two dozen states to their platform where you can now purchase bitcoin with a credit card. After three months of beta testing earlier this year, Trucoin is opening it’s services to 27 states within the USA and will be adding more soon. Customers in these states can purchase bitcoin using payment methods such as Visa, MaterCard and debit cards.


Trucoin has also boosted its daily limited for users to $500 a day, meaning customers can receive their bitcoins instantly. Boasting that it only takes two minutes to set up an account, Trucoin is striving to offer a convenient and fast service for the ever growing industry. On top of this they are offering email, live chat and support on their community subreddit /r/trucoin for users.

“New technology adoption benefits from a customer-conscious experience. It can help flatten the learning curve and allows more people to have fun using new things,” Brent James, head of marketing at Trucoin

Taking things a step further beyond convenience and in order to combat fears still prevalent after the Mt.Gox incident, Trucoin is a regulated company. Trucoin is anti-money laundering and Bank Security Act compliant, and their wallets meet the standards set by the Payment Card Industry.

“Since 2011, compliance has been part of what we knew would be a key to long-term success in this space. It’s no easy task because it does impact all facets of the business, but having taken that approach from day one means that it is something we are uniquely prepared for.” Trucoin co-Founder and President, Chris Brunner

Customers can purchase their coins on Trucoin and have them sent either to their external wallet address or maintained on Trucoin’s account. What do you think? Comment below!

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