Bitnet Partners With Payments Provider Zooz

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July 29, 2015 4:29 PM UTC

Zooz is a traditional payment rail provider that wants to add Bitcoin to its offerings for customers. Making partnerships with companies like Zooz has been Bitnet’s specialty so far. Previously the company has partnered with Cardinal Commerce, Limontek, and even enabled Bitcoin shopping for Rakuten, one of the largest online department stores in the world.

Zooz bills itself as a company that provides innovative solutions to help customers maximize performance. Zooz and Bitnet today announced a partnership. Zooz’s customers will be able to accept Bitcoin easily, almost with the press of a button.

Like other payment providers, Bitnet hedges against fluctuations in the price by paying out the vendor directly via a bank account. This way the vendor gets the money they’re expecting, rather than a varying value in bitcoins. Bitnet will expand the operations of Zooz, which aims to maximize acceptance rates across all channels. Zooz, in turn, will offer an easy way to offer bitcoins as a payment method, using Bitnet ultimately.

Nathan Jackson, VP Europe of Zooz, said:

We have seen the growing interest in digital currencies among our customer base and are excited to partner with Bitnet to add bitcoin to our service offering. We selected Bitnet as a partner due to their advanced platform, integrity of its team, in addition to demand from some of our key customers for bitcoin payments.

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