Bitcoin Foundation Launches Public Education Campaign on Bitcoin

Elections for current seats on the Bitcoin foundation are underway yet business for the foundation is ongoing. Recently the Foundation along with many prominent Bitcoin companies have gotten together to further education on Bitcoin by engaging theAudience – one of the world’s largest multi-channel publishers of social and digital content.  Bitcoin is more than just a currency it is a whole technology that supports so much more like smart contracts, trustless escrow and more the sky’s the limit. So many things can be built in and on top of the Bitcoin Blockchain.

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The Bitcoin Foundation has changed its direction recently towards development away from the political end. The move to begin widespread education and adoption is a more focused approach.

The highlights of the new education initiative are many. Companies like BitFury, BitGo, Tally Capital, ChangeTip, and Bitcoin Foundation lifetime member Bruce Fenton are behind the effort.

From the press release:

The Bitcoin Foundation announced today a partnership with Bitcoin companies BitFury, BitGo, Tally Capital, ChangeTip, and Bitcoin Foundation lifetime member Bruce Fenton to engage theAudience – one of the world’s largest multi-channel publishers of social and digital content. theAudience’s team of digital storytellers will work closely with these groups to launch a multi-faceted social and traditional media campaign to educate businesses, consumers, and society at large about Bitcoin.

As the ecosystem matures, Bitcoin companies are stepping up to the plate.  We’re excited to join a coordinated and concentrated effort to teach Bitcoin to the world’s almost 3 billion internet users — two-thirds of which are from the developing world, said Brock Pierce of Bitcoin Foundation.

It is exciting to see more initiatives to expand awareness and education on Bitcoin and the underlying technology.  The Bitcoin Foundation new focus is paying off in both visibility and awareness. The Bitcoin 2.0 projects like side chains and other projects that can be incorporated into Bitcoin are going to cine better and faster as more people become aware of its uses.

Valery Vavilov, CEO of BitFury commented on behalf of leading Bitcoin companies that joined efforts to build public awareness of Bitcoin:

We are passionate about Bitcoin and the highly disruptive technology of blockchain which will have the social, cultural and technological impact on society as the Internet did starting 20 years ago. We selected theAudience for their ability to effectively communicate impactful stories. We trust in their ability to convey our passion, belief in the genius behind the blockchain and determination to bring the benefits of the Bitcoin and blockchain to the world.

 theAudience is a great portal for the foundation to use. Their reach is huge in social media.  They reach over 1 billion people worldwide. The impact should be large.

Bitcoin offers incredible benefits for humanity,” commented Oliver Luckett, co-founder of theAudience.

“We’re digital storytellers and want to help Bitcoin companies convey the positive change they’re capable of bringing to the world — from new fraud-proof voting mechanisms to affordable remittance payments, to banking services for the disenfranchised.”

We look forward to seeing just what the Bitcoin Foundation and theAudience will bring to the ecosystem as well as the new people and ideas that may come of educating people on what a useful tool the Blockchain is.

Do you feel the Bitcoin Foundations engagement of theAudience is going to help spread awareness and education about Bitcoin and it’s technology?

Last modified: March 4, 2021 4:42 PM

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