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Bitcoin Featured in ‘Almost Human’, a Fox TV Show Set in the Year 2048

Last Updated March 24, 2023 8:27 AM
Jesús Cripto
Last Updated March 24, 2023 8:27 AM

Of course closed-captioning would spell Bitcoin wrong, it’s OK we the people forgive you.

It wasn’t that long ago that Bitcoin was first mentioned on the Fox network, outside of ignorant bits on Fox News, on American culture displayboard: The Simpsons.  I now suspect that we have some Bitcoiners hidden away in the better parts of the Fox Network.

Anyways, it’s likely you haven’t heard of Fox’s new show Almost Human, their latest foray into the science fiction genre. Almost Human  is set in the year 2048 and follows the adventures of Detective John Kennex (actor Karl Urban recently of Star Trek fame).  In a background story similar to iRobot , Kennex previously suffered from a traumatic experience with robot-kind that left him temporarily without a leg: Kennex is now a cyborg that hates robot-kind, oh the irony.

Kennex is recalled to the force after recovering and assigned to work with a DRN android, designed to be as close to human as possible, known as Dorian (actor Michael Ealy).  While working a case, the two of them are investigating a dead body when voila, they come across a nondescript silver stick that Detective Kennex immediately identifies as Bitcoin.  Android Dorian then uses his finger to presumably hack into the device and tells Kennex that there are 4,999 units of Bitcoin.  Watch the clip below, then stay for my analysis!

The device shown in this futuristic portrayal of the world is similar to the Trezor  Bitcoin Safe, being developed today.  The device shown would presumably be tied to the identity of the owner, though its exact method of identity verification is unknown, popular media chose to show that future law enforcement could “crack” whatever technology is being used.


The security on that device might have been a fingerprint scanner, but seeing as how those aren’t even fully secure in the year 2013 it is unlikely that they would be used to protect 4,999 units of Bitcoin in the year 2048.  It’s more likely that a cost-effective mechanism for verifying DNA through a small sample of blood or skin from the finger will be developed in the future to provide the ultimate form of security.

Next, Almost Human made no mention as to how much 4,999 units of Bitcoin would be worth in the future.  I’m telling you loud and clear right now that in the future 4,999 Bitcoins will be a fortune the size of a country, it is much more likely that they are just talking about millibits, or even just satoshis when referencing the number 4,999.  In fact, it isn’t even clear if even the android Dorian would be able to spend the Bitcoins on that shiny silver stick, maybe he was only able to read the associated public key and did a quick query of the blockchain to verify its balance.

All these crucial elements to Bitcoin have been portrayed by mainstream media just in this short clip.

Bitcoin is here to stay, even Fox thinks so.  Continue to check CryptoCoinsNews for more updates about Bitcoin and Cryptocoins in general.

Have a cryptic day, mis amigos.