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Feds Stand Poised To Dump Their Silk Road Bitcoins

Undoubtedly many readers have seen this wallet before, we've linked to it a lot here in articles on CCN.  Those are the "Silk Road Bitcoins" seized by a joint federal task force in the October take-down of the infamous online drug marketplace: Silk road. During the take-down that included crazy antics by undercover agents at a public library in a brazen heist to steal Silk Road operator Ross...

Check Out This Costa Rican Bitcoin Painting; Seeking Identity Of Artist

This amazing painting comes to our attention via /u/coolboy666 of Reddit.
Check out the original thread here.
I wish that I could purchase this painting myself, but it seems it already has an owner.  If the buyer, seller, or artist would like to step forward and provide any further information, please comment.
Have a cryptic day, mis amigos.

Edison's Revenge: Extremely Conservative and American, but Positive, View On Bitcoin

Dearest readers, I apologize for my brief hiatus... I was Today I bring you a video that you might not have seen before; however, it's likely more possible your parents or your grandparents might have... The following video must be viewed only after taking a pinch of salt, a lime wedge, and some good ol' Tequila straight to the face.  Advice given by Money Morning must be taken with several...

BitPay Says to Legal Marijuana Dispensary in Washington: "We are unable to offer our services to businesses that sell drugs"

Washington State and Colorado State have become the first states in America to legalize marijuana at the state level.  The beginning of green celebrations in the aforementioned states at the beginning of this month led to a satirical piece claiming 37 dead due to marijuana legalization.  Many people have applied for commercial licenses from their states to legally grow and distribute marijuana...

Bitcoin Featured in 'Almost Human' a Second Time, Shows Widespread Adoption in the Future

At this point, I am absolutely certain that there is a writer over at 21st Century Fox Networks that is very, very interested in Bitcoin.  Alternatively said writer is very interested in pumping Bitcoin; however, I believe we are just witnessing a genuine person's attempt to accurately portray the future. Bitcoin first appeared on the Fox Network's regularly viewed lineup [because honestly whom...

Bitcoin Featured in 'Almost Human', a Fox TV Show Set in the Year 2048

Of course closed-captioning would spell Bitcoin wrong, it's OK we the people forgive you. It wasn't that long ago that Bitcoin was first mentioned on the Fox network, outside of ignorant bits on Fox News, on American culture displayboard: The Simpsons.  I now suspect that we have some Bitcoiners hidden away in the better parts of the Fox Network. Anyways, it's likely you haven't heard of Fox's...

Breaking News: BTC China To Resume Trading Fees of 0.3%, Market Manipulation Gets Harder

BTC China has, after 3 successful months, has decided to resume trading fees.  For a few weeks now, because of 0% trading fees, BTC China has consistently been the highest volume BTC exchange.  Trading fees will be 0.3%, the announcement reads: Dear BTC China valued customer: To stabilize the recent turbulent Bitcoin market and minimize potential market manipulation, BTC China will end the 0%...

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