Bitcoin Exhibit Launches at Money Museum In Zürich Switzerland

The Money Museum in Zürich, Switzerland has opened their Bitcoin Exhibition. The exhibit features Bitcoin education, Bitcoin mining, Bitcoin ATMs, and more. The Exhibit is designed to educate people on Bitcoin and the principals of cryptocurrency. The exhibit was developed by the Sunflower Foundation and the Swiss Bitcoin community.

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Bitcoin Exhibit at the Money Museum

According to the Sunflower Foundation website, the exhibit features the following:

1. The Birth of Bitcoin

Bitcoin evolved from several currents of thought. We trace the most important ideas here and show how they influenced this new virtual currency.

2. Showcase: Mining Equipment and Storage

Here we show how Bitcoins are produced and stored.

3. Showcase: Where can I spend Bitcoins?

How and where Bitcoin can be spent for various products and services.

Wall cases:

12 picture tours on the theme of Bitcoin

Learn the Bitcoin basics, including how to open a Bitcoin account, make and receive payments and how to use a Bitcoin wallet.

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People can interact with several components of the exhibit including Bitcoin ATMs, interactive display screens, and a hand powered proof of work Bitcoin miner. This extremely well put together exhibit will help educate the public on how cryptocurrency works as well as explain how it compares to precious metals and fiat currencies in terms of value and spend-ability. By the time someone leaves the exhibit, they will understand the basic workings of Bitcoin as well as learn the various ways to store, mine, and spend Bitcoin. This is the first Bitcoin exhibit of its kind and is very fitting to be displayed in the Money Museum. With cryptocurrency on the rise, educating the public on how it works is becoming very important.

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Images via Shutterstock and the Money Museum.

Last modified: March 4, 2021 4:41 PM

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