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Baker Mayfield’s Dumb ‘Mustache-Gate’ Retort Sparks Weird NFL Betting Line

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:14 PM
Travis Pulver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:14 PM
  • Baker Mayfield finally addressed “Mustache-Gate.”
  • The Cleveland Browns QB had an… unexpected explanation for his constantly-evolving facial landscape.
  • At least one sportsbook is now taking bets on Mayfield’s facial hair.

Baker Mayfield is many things. So many, in fact, that it’s sometimes easy to get that he’s also—well, a quarterback in the NFL. He is an interesting personality, confident bordering on cocky but often seen as arrogant. He speaks his mind and doesn’t hold back even when he should. While he has been struggling this season, he still has the support of many fans.

But with his latest comment—he is making it hard to have his back.

Baker Mayfield Reveals the Truth Behind Mustache-Gate

Of all the things to talk about, the most interesting thing he had to say during Wednesday’s media availability was about his facial hair.

For those that are unaware, when he arrived at the stadium in Denver on Sunday, he was sporting a full face of hair—beard and mustache.

During the game, he just had a handlebar mustache.

But when he walked to the podium after the game, he was sporting a simple, basic mustache look.

As could be expected, Twitter ripped him to shreds for the final look – and shaving twice in a matter of hours. However, little did the Twitter comedians know, but it was going to get even better. During his press availability on Wednesday, he explained his thought process—and his logic was awesome!

Oh, boy.

A Little History on The Handlebar Mustache

Who knew that the handlebar mustache was something that a person needed to deserve? The bearded look (kept and unkept) seems to be more of a thing these days. But, if you browse through a history of facial hair, there have been some pretty famous guys with handlebar mustaches:

  • Friedrich Nietzsche
  • Wyatt Earp
  • William Howard Taft
  • Kaiser Wilhelm II
  • JP Morgan
  • Buffalo Bill
  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria
  • And, of course, Rollie Fingers.

So, yeah—there have been quite a few powerful men that have sported the same look that Baker Mayfield doesn’t think he deserves anymore.

May the Trolling Commence Continue

We can’t say “let the trolling commence” since Twitter hasn’t stopped trolling him for a few weeks now. Not that long ago, it was all about his thirsty look when Odell Beckham Jr. presented Tom Brady with goat hair cleats. Then there was the moment with the reporter and his dumb question followed by Sunday’s debacle.

Can it get any worse? Actually—yes, yes, it can. Former child actor Macaulay Culkin can get it on the trolling:

How to Bet on Baker Mayfield’s Facial Hair

As icing on the cake, there is even a sportsbook, Bovada.lv , that is offering odds on what sort of facial hair Mayfield will have this week  (style at first snap):

  • What Style Of Facial Hair Will Baker Mayfield Have For The Browns Week 10 Game Against The Bills?
    • Mustache only -120
    • Clean-shaven +120
    • Full beard +550
    • Horseshoe Mustache +550

But that is not all:

  • Will Baker Mayfield Shave Between The End Of The Game And The Post-Game Press Conference?
    • Yes +155
    • No -220

Just the straight mustache is the most likely bet since that is the look Baker Mayfield is sporting during the week. But then don’t be shocked when he is clean-shaven for the post-game presser.