Antonio Brown Teases Possible Saints Signing In New Music Video

January 11, 2020 10:02 PM UTC
Antonio Brown has a new music video about his work-out in New Orleans featuring a recorded message suggesting the Saints' interest is real.
  • Antonio Brown’s new music video suggests that New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Peyton is interested in signing him.
  • The track also includes a recorded phone message which appears to be AB’s agent Drew Rosenhaus confirming that the interest is real.
  • The NFL has still made no decision on the wide-receiver’s future.

After a high profile work-out with the New Orleans Saints in December, former-NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown wrote off his chances of receiving a contract as a “publicity stunt.” After “Whole Lotta Money” was released last week, another music video for AB’s Vevo channel launched Saturday with a phone recording and lyrics hinting that the Saints’ interest is stronger than many people initially thought.

AB’s New Music Video Addresses NFL Workout In New Orleans

Audio played over the beginning of the track appears to be from a phone call with AB’s agent Drew Rosenhaus detailing the legitimate interest from head coach Sean Peyton and the Saints. His comments are relevant because they show that New Orleans’ desire to sign Brown could actually be legitimate, so long as he’s not going to be a distraction. There’s certainly plenty of discussion about moves Peyton needs to make on offense after the disappointing loss to Minnesota last week.

The song lyrics continue to suggest that there is interest, with Saints’ head coach Sean Peyton mentioned, as the opening (and frequently repeated) verse states,

I just got home from the N.O, uh
Sean Payton talking about the deal though, uh
Black T walking, Johnny Bravo, ay
Now 40 loaded with them hollows, ay
I just got home from the N.O, uh
Sean Payton talking about the deal though, uh
Black T walking, Johnny Bravo, ay
Now 40 loaded with them hollows, ay

Is Sean Peyton Really Considering Signing Antonio Brown?

While there is clearly nothing conclusive about this whatsoever, it would make sense that a little progress in negotiations inspired Brown to release this song. In his viral video about the “publicity stunt” work-out in New Orleans, AB made it a point to thank Peyton for considering him. This kind of humility has been lacking in Brown’s social media presence and does indicate he’s being careful to avoid burning that particular bridge.

Winning Over NFL Teams Is Easy, Convincing Roger Goodell Won’t Be

If NFL teams are genuinely going to sign the scandal-ridden former Steeler, they have a laundry list of alleged indiscretions to gloss over. As history has shown us, when it comes to lifting a Lombardi trophy, coaches will do everything they can to win. Antonio Brown’s odds of returning to the league are definitely small, but if he gets an unlikely green-light from Roger Goodell, someone will probably roll the dice on him.

A minor issue is that Tom Brady isn’t going to be playing for the Saints next year, so AB might have to compromise on one of his New Year’s resolutions if he is going to make a home in the N.O.

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