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Toncoin Price Jumps — Will TON Maintain its Momentum?

Published September 18, 2023 2:48 PM
Nikola Lazic
Published September 18, 2023 2:48 PM

Key Takeaways

  • TON continues to rise as it increased by 50% in September.
  • All previous targets met with the last one getting overextended.
  • Chart analysis points out a potential downturn.

Since the beginning of August, TON’s price has been steadily rising, surging by more than 110%, including a remarkable 52% increase since September 13. Today, it broke the $2.50 mark, approaching its previous high of $2.90 from February.

With its proximity to the previous high, the question arises: Can TON maintain its upward trajectory and set a new record?

Previous TON Price Analysis

In our analysis on August 18, we explored the potential for the initial price increase in August to evolve into a more substantial upward trend. At that point, we were expecting an initial decline, from which we would assess whether it would be corrective and establish a higher low.

TON analysis
A decrease was expected in our last analsysis on TON

As it continued to approach its August 17 high of $1.50, it became clear that further upside potential was emerging. In our analysis posted on August 29, we maintained our price target of $1.90 for the next wave.

TON previous projections
A further downtrend occurred

As the price neared this target, it became apparent that this represented the third wave within the larger five-wave uptrend. Consequently, we have projected a further ascent towards the next notable resistance level at $2.14.

Toncoin price analysis
We estimated a further increase here

This marked the conclusion of the wave, indicating that we may now expect a more substantial correction or the initiation of a larger downtrend.

Price prediction 

As evident from the 4-hour chart below, the price surpassed our projected target and reached the next Fibonacci extension level at 2.272, just shy of $2.50. Given this overextension and the likelihood that the price has reached its peak in this rally, it is improbable that it will sustain its upward momentum from the current position.

ABC correction expected
Price exceeded previous target

More likely, a larger downturn appears imminent. The optimal price target for this anticipated decline could be around $1.55 if we observe a similar degree of ABC correction.

Alternatively, we might witness the emergence of a sustained downtrend, resulting in further losses with a lower low compared to the $1.16 level seen at the start of August.

For now, this projection is based solely on the wave structure and the resistance encountered by the price. In other words, it’s still premature to predict a downturn, as we would need to observe a more pronounced rejection at current levels with initial sharp declines.


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