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Rollbit Coin Survives a Volatile Redtember — Is RLB Heading to its All-Time High?

Published October 4, 2023 12:43 PM
Nikola Lazic
Published October 4, 2023 12:43 PM

Key Takeaways

  • RLB is in a large uptrend that started on September 26.
  • Price revisited its September 14 high yesterday, finding resistance.
  • A new all-time high is possible but after a first lower high.

After reaching its all-time high of $0.20 on August 26 and again on August 29, Rollbit’s price began a downward spiral. It remained in a downtrend until September 11 when it hit $0.11, but the decline didn’t end there.

A brief recovery to $0.16 on September 14 was followed by another downturn, resulting in a lower low of $0.98 on September 26. This represented a 54% decrease from its all-time high.

Starting from September 27, a significant new uptrend emerged, driving the price back to its September 14 high yesterday, marking a 65% increase. With the price still on an upward trajectory and considering the substantial rise, could this signal a potential new all-time high in the making?

RLB Price Analysis

Yesterday, the RLB price successfully reached its September 14 high of $0.16, but it encountered resistance, indicated by a significant red candle on the 4-hour chart. This horizontal level corresponds to the midpoint within the range spanning from the all-time high to the low observed on September 26.  

Large uptrend seen
Large uptrend seen

We witnessed a breakout from the descending triangle, and while resistance was briefly tested as support, we’ve only seen a single significant upward move. The rise from September 26 to October 3 likely represents the initial sub-wave of a larger five-wave impulse.

Following this count, now that the price has encountered resistance and completed its first five-wave pattern, a descending move seems highly probable. This decline may be corrective in nature, forming an ABC pattern with an optimal price target around $0.12, at the 0.618 Fibonacci level.

If the price is indeed entering its next bullish phase, this descending move would constitute its first significant higher low, indicating a shift in support levels. It’s improbable that the price will reach a new all-time high in its current move, as it appears to have reached its peak in this advance.

Therefore, the anticipated descending move will serve as a crucial indicator of this possibility. Should it find support between the 0.5 and 0.618 Fibonacci levels, we can anticipate a more substantial upward move. Using the Fibonacci extension tool, we’ve identified potential price targets of $0.22 for wave 3 and $0.26 for wave 5, which could become its new all-time high target.


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