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VeChain Spikes 9% On A Red Day But Is Still Inside A Symmetrical Triangle

Last Updated April 10, 2024 3:29 PM
Nikola Lazic
Last Updated April 10, 2024 3:29 PM

Key Takeaways

  • VeChain spikes 9% despite overall market downturn.
  • Still within symmetrical triangle; breakout direction uncertain.
  • Potential for either new high or further depreciation.

In an unexpected twist amidst a broadly bearish day in the cryptocurrency market, VeChain has managed to buck the trend by spiking an impressive 9%. However, despite this notable gain, VeChain remains confined within the technical boundaries of a symmetrical triangle pattern. 

Does this uptick signal the potential for a breakout, or is it merely a temporary surge within ongoing consolidation? 

VET Price Analysis 

On February 28, the price of VET reached a high of $0.055 as it was in a significant uptrend from $0.015 on September 10 last year. Since this was the end of its five-wave advancement, VET proceeded by a 33% decline to a low of $0.036 on March 20. 

Daily chat

Since then, it attempted to regain momentum but only made a lower high of $0.048 on March 28. This level was retested today as well, proving resistance is still present. Two possibilities are ahead as the price is still inside a symmetrical triangle. 

We can see a breakout to the upside, the start of a new advancement, or today’s interaction will end as a rejection, leading to a more significant downturn. In the bullish scenario, there is still more room for the upside for its higher degree wave 5, with the price target set at $0.060. 

What Do Technical Indicators Say?

However, should we see a reversal to the triangle’s support, a breakout below $0.040 would indicate that the higher degree wave 4 still hasn’t ended? In this case, our target would be ascending support around $0.033. 

The daily chart Relative Strength Index is at its midpoint at 50% and doesn’t provide much indication of the following potential price direction. On the other hand MACD is signaling a starting uptrend. However, as in the case of symmetrical triangles, the likelihood of a breakout is still equal on both sides. 

We first need to see what happens at its support/resistance before anticipating another high or further depreciation. 


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