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Bitcoin ETFs Introduction To Chinese Investors Could See Billions Pour In — Bitcoin Heading To $100,000?

Published April 12, 2024 2:50 PM
Nikola Lazic
Published April 12, 2024 2:50 PM

Key Takeaways

  • China targets Hong Kong for Bitcoin ETFs, boosting investment.
  • Record Bitcoin highs driven by ETF optimism and inflows.
  • Hong Kong emerges as a key player in crypto ETFs.

China is set to introduce spot Bitcoin ETFs, attracting substantial investment and potentially mirroring the success seen in the U.S. Chinese financial institutions are keen to explore these opportunities through Hong Kong’s more lenient regulations. Insiders suggested to Reuters that the approval process for these ETFs is being expedited.

Initial approvals will likely announced soon with China Asset Management firms Harvest Fund Managemen and Bosera Asset Management already submitting applications, per Reuters and Nikkei reports .

Record Bitcoin Prices and Optimism

Bitcoin‘s price has surged, passing several all-time highs in 2024, with its peak reaching $73,803 in March. This rise is fueled by the optimism surrounding the new ETFs, which have seen significant inflows. According to Bloomberg’s Senior ETF analyst Eric Balchunas, this could be a significant catalyst for new price rises in Bitcoin. 

He compares Chinese bullish sentiment towards gold ETF and US stocks. 

While Hong Kong aims to position itself as a significant player in the cryptocurrency ETF market, mainland Chinese investors show immense interest, evidenced by their active participation in Hong Kong’s burgeoning ETF scene. This interest is driven by a broader strategy to tap into the lucrative crypto market despite domestic restrictions in China.


The rapid development and approval of Bitcoin ETFs in Hong Kong signify a major shift in the region’s financial landscape, offering a gateway for global and Chinese investors to legally engage with cryptocurrencies.

Last month, following a high-level meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, an anonymous U.S. CEO reported  that Chinese citizens perceive being wealthy in China as risky and are attempting to move their money out of the country.

This could set the stage for a large capital inflow into Bitcoin through financial institutions in Hong Kong.

The potential of reaching a $100,000 milestone for Bitcoin highlights cryptocurrencies’ growing acceptance and maturation as mainstream financial assets.

These developments underscore Hong Kong’s strategic importance  in the global crypto market and reflect the changing attitudes towards cryptocurrencies in regions with strict regulatory environments.

How much money is sitting on the sidelines? 

The potential capital exposure of Bitcoin to the new market in Hong Kong with the introduction of spot Bitcoin ETFs could be substantial, given the robust interest from various financial institutions.

While specific figures regarding the exact amount of capital Bitcoin will be exposed to are not available, the involvement of ten financial institutions in filing applications for Bitcoin spot ETFs underscores significant market interest and potential capital inflow​​.

Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has been proactive  in setting the regulatory framework to facilitate these ETFs, suggesting a supportive environment that could attract both institutional and retail investors. 

Estimating the potential capital exposure of Bitcoin in Hong Kong due to the introduction of spot Bitcoin ETFs is only possible with specific data on expected fund sizes and investment inflows.

However, we can draw some educated guesses based on the involvement and expectations of key regional financial players.

It’s known that multiple asset managers, including major entities like Harvest Global Investments and Venture Smart Financial Holdings, are keen to launch these ETFs.

As reported  by BNN Bloomberg on January 19, Venture Smart Financial Holdings has explicitly stated a target to manage $500 million in assets under its spot Bitcoin ETF by the end of the year​​. This figure gives us an initial data point to consider.

TheBlock data

The market response to similar financial products can also provide insights. For example, the U.S. saw nearly $14 billion in cumulative trading volume on January 18, shortly after the launch of its spot Bitcoin ETFs​​. This number has grown to $207 billion as of today, April 12. 

If Hong Kong’s market reacts similarly, the capital exposure could reach billions of U.S. dollars, especially considering the region’s significant financial sector and role as an emerging hub for cryptocurrency and financial innovation.

In conclusion, while an exact figure is hard to pin down without specific launch and capital allocation details, introducing Bitcoin spot ETFs in Hong Kong could potentially see hundreds of millions to billions of U.S. dollars in capital exposure, depending on the number of approved ETFs and their scales.

Bitcoin Still Consolidating 

Bitcoin’s price has been oscillating within the confines of an ascending triangle pattern. After peaking at an all-time high of $74,000 on March 13, it fell by 17% to $60,800 by March 20. Efforts to resume its upward trajectory were thwarted on April 8, as it failed to breach the descending resistance line and declined again.

Daily chart

Currently, with Bitcoin trading at $70,400, two scenarios emerge. The bearish outlook suggests that the peak on March 13 marked the end of the substantial uptrend in January, positing that the ongoing triangle formation is merely a consolidation phase before a potential reversal.

Should this bearish scenario unfold, Bitcoin’s price might decline toward $57,000 or dip below the 1.618 Fibonacci extension level to $53,500.

Conversely, the bullish perspective views the triangle as a brief pause, setting the stage for a surge that could establish new highs above $80,000. The direction of the breakout from this triangle will likely indicate the prevailing trend moving forward.

With the Bitcoin halving event just around the corner, market indecision is palpable, fueled by anticipation of this significant event that typically introduces new volatility.

Now, with Hong Kong’s introduction to Bitcoin spot ETF, which is expected to come potentially before the halving, it just might catalyze another round of parabolic trajectory. 


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