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CorgiAI Market Cap Doubles Over Christmas: Will 2024 Be The Year of AI-Linked Tokens?

Last Updated December 26, 2023 2:26 PM
Nikola Lazic
Last Updated December 26, 2023 2:26 PM

Key Takeaways

  • CorgiAI surged by over 300% since early December.
  • After a significant Christmas spike, it reached a new all-time high.
  • Chart analysis points out potential further gains in 2024.

Even though we have entered the holiday season, some cryptocurrency tokens haven’t been resting. CorgiAI has seen a notable rise since the start of December, showing a price surge of 300%. 

The price spiked before Christmas, on December 24, with a 53% rise from a low of $0.0023 to a high of $0.0035. It fell back to what it had come on the same day but continued its upward trajectory to $0.0030 at its highest point today, December 26. 

This doubling in market cap helped Corgi enter the top 100 coins, even surpassing PEPE and getting close to BONK according to meme coins rankings. With this in mind, has CorgiAI established its strong position entering into 2024? 

CORGIAI Price Analysis 

On November 7, the price of CORGIAI was only $0.000060. It increased by 2,471% at its previous all-time high of $0.0015 on November 12. It then started a larger correction, forming a symmetrical triangle, until reaching its apex on December 15 when the price was $0.0007. 

More upside potential
Daily chart

From this point, a new uptrend started, leading to a new all-time high of $0.0035 on December 24. Even though this was a temporary spike, the price is still trading in its vicinity. Judging by the daily chart RSI and the Fibonacci extension tool, there is still more upside potential before this uptrend ends. 

We only saw 0.5 Fib level interacted with, which means that this uptrend from December 15 is only half the length of the previous one until November 12. If this is the larger uptrend developing, the moves should be larger than the previous. So, according to this logic, we could see the price going above 1 Fib extension, which would mean at least a 500% increase from the current levels. 

Daily chart RSI is sitting at 50%, indicating the fair value. It briefly entered the overbought zone on December 24 but has cooled off since then, indicating that this slow rise since the spike could have been picking up steam again. 

Of course, we might see a correction along the way, but the chart analysis shows new highs are set for CorgiAI in 2024. 

Is 2024 the Year of AI Tokens?

There’s an expectation of a significant surge in AI tokens, due in particular to advancements in AI technology. Tokens like RNDR, OLAS, TAO, and AKT are expected to become industry frontrunners, benefiting from the synergy between AI progression and crypto​​.

In summary, the integration of AI and blockchain technologies is advancing rapidly, with AI-linked tokens playing an increasingly significant role in diverse applications. The year 2024 may witness further growth in this sector, fueled by technological advancements and growing interest from both the crypto community and mainstream markets.

This integration is more than just a blend of technologies; it represents a harmonization that enhances and redefines digital experiences, potentially marking 2024 as a significant year for AI-linked tokens.


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